Monday, October 9, 2017

An Emotional Ride…and Rick Springfield

I fully admit, I’m a Rick Springfield fan. I was a preteen when he made a big splash on General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake just as his music career was exploding in the United States. I dreamt once that I met him in my school gym.  Ahhh… (Not exactly sure why my subconscious mind chose my Catholic school gym, but I guess it was as good of a place as any to meet my crush.) To this day, I still have several Rick Springfield albums in my basement, yet I no longer have a record player. Some things are hard to part with.

Besides being able to sing all the lyrics to Jesse’s Girl, I can also think of countless other songs that take me right back to a place and moment. For example, I’m not a fan of Waiting for a Star to Fall (Boy Meets Girl) because in the Fall of 1989, the girl in the dorm room next to mine played it on repeat after her boyfriend broke up with her. The tune vibrated through the walls. Almost 30 years later, I groan every time I hear the first few notes of that song.

The other day I heard Kiss from a Rose (Seal) on the radio and I fondly remembered someone I love who has since passed away. (So, yeah, music can evoke all kinds of emotions.)

On a happier note, Alicia Keys’ and Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind takes me back to the ballroom in the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City dancing with my friends at the Harlequin party. So much fun!

Emotions are also a big part of the reading experience. It is my job as an author to elicit emotions from the reader. Jesse’s Girl is my first contemporary romance after writing fifteen romantic suspense novels. (It’s no surprise I gave a little hat tip to my childhood crush.) Jesse’s Girl has been called a character-driven story and a “very pure romance.” I hope it transports you on an emotional journey of love and happily ever after and let’s you escape your real world for a little bit.

Which song brings you right back to a moment in time? What book has drawn out such strong emotions that you’ll never forget the story?

Jesse’s Girl

Can good girl Mary Clare find love with bad boy Jesse as her perfectly crafted world comes crumbling down around her?

Stay-at-home mom Mary Clare has her country club life upended during her divorce. She decides to return to her small hometown of Mills Crossing with her young son for the summer to sort out her life. Bad turns to worse when she realizes her ex husband mortgaged her future leaving her with little financial means for the future.

Bad boy Jesse Thorpe has always lived life on his own terms. Yet, he abandons his successful motocross business on the West Coast to care for his ailing father in Mills Crossing. 

When Jesse and Mary Clare cross paths at a family party, she is immediately reminded of how she crushed on her big brother’s best friend back in high school. The attraction is mutual, but Jesse only does flings. Mary Clare is definitely not fling material. And neither have plans to stay in Mills Crossing long term.

Despite their mutual determination not to get attached, they find themselves drawn together as Jesse takes Mary Clare’s young son under his wing and shows him the love and attention Mary Clare’s ex never did. A casual summer fling is inevitable. 

Just when they find a bright spot in an otherwise dark time in their lives, life and family responsibilities tear them apart. Can Mary Clare and Jesse find a way to find love and happiness beyond the waning days of summer?

Jesse’s Girl  is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

About the author:
Alison Stone discovered her love of writing after leaving a corporate engineering job to raise four children. 

Constantly battling the siren call of social media, Alison blocks the Internet and hides her smartphone in order to write fast-paced books filled with suspense and romance. She also writes sweet contemporary romance.

Married for almost twenty-five years, Alison lives in Western New York, where the summers are gorgeous and the winters are perfect for curling up with a book—or writing one.

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  1. I have a few of those Rick Springfield albums myself! And of course, now I will be humming Jesse's Girl all day! :)


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