Friday, September 1, 2017


With: Scarlett Cole

Congratulations to "Taurus", the winner in Scarlett's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

A single mom and tortured musician find common ground in Scarlett Cole's REDEEMED, the second standalone romance about the band PRELOAD. Elliott “Pyro” Dawson has a past he's fought like hell to overcome and Kendalee Walker is at her wits end and homeless. Will Kendale provide the family Elliott has never had or will dangerous habits prove to strong? Readers will savor this dark, sexy rockstar romance.


A single mom and tortured musician find common ground in Scarlett Cole's Elliott Redeemed, the second standalone romance about the band Preload.
Elliott “Pyro” Dawson burns up the lead guitar like a legend. But the nickname Pyro isn’t just a clever play on words. It’s much darker. A past he's fought like hell to overcome.
Grocery store cashier Kendalee Walker is at her wits end and homeless. She's watched her fourteen-year-old son, Daniel, go so far off the rails, he can no longer see the tracks.
When the two are brought together, attraction flares, but can Elliott find the family he never had with the sexy woman and her son, or will he fall back on dangerous habits?

Scarlett will be giving away a signed copy of Elliott Redeemed + a $5 gift card to one lucky person leaving a comment or email entry!

About Scarlett Cole
The tattoo across my right hip says it all really. A Life Less Ordinary. Inked by the amazingly talented Luke Wessman at the Wooster Street Social Club (a.k.a. New York Ink). Why is it important? Well, it sums up my view on life. That we should all aspire to live a life that is less boring, less predictable. Be bold, and do something amazing. I’ve made some crazy choices. I’ve been a car maker, a consultant, and even a senior executive at a large retailer running strategy. Born in England, spent time in the U.S. and Japan, before ending up in Canada were I met my own, personal hero – all six and a half feet of him. Both of us are scorpios! Yeah, I know! Should have checked the astrological signs earlier, but somehow it works for us. We have two amazing kids, who I either could never part with or could easily be convinced to sell on e-bay.

I’ve wanted to be a writer for a really long time. Check through my office cupboards or my computer and you’ll find half written stories and character descriptions everywhere. Now I'm getting the chance to follow that dream.

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  1. Sounds very intriguing. Please count me in. Thanks!


  2. looks interesting

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. So glad it's a standalone. THAT reels me in and I can sleep well at night after reading it. Love that it's a series too - so I can continue with those sweet dreams.
    Thanks for sharing the love - and I'm glad you are following your dream. (Me too, jobwise!)
    Maureen has my email address....

  4. Sweet! Another rock star romance to add to the list. I'm a sucker for these. I'm glad that its a standalone too but I'm even happier the first is on sale so I can have something to tide me over the long weekend! :)

    dnneal (at) live (dot) com

  5. I like the description of this book... thanks for sharing!

  6. Do you have more than one tattoo?

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  7. This looks really good and I love the Title too. That's My Middle son's name. Thanks for the giveaway. :)
    iamabho at gmail dot com


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