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Picking up Good Vibrations

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Washington, D.C. has a particular kind of irresistible energy. A certain vibe that hits you the second you step foot onto its streets. Maybe it’s the architecture, maybe it’s the history, or maybe it’s the mere non-stop pace of our nation’s capital that sends electricity buzzing in the air. Whatever it is, being in the city makes you feel like you’re a part of something special. You don’t have to be a history buff or an admirer of architecture to feel it.
I had been to Washington, D.C. once before I started writing Casual Affair. It was years ago, yet I could still recall those shivers that ran down my spine when I walked up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, or stood in awe in front of the statue of Martin Luther King, Jr.. But it was only after my husband and I took a trip to the city in late 2016 did I truly appreciate how romantic the city can be.
Walking beside the Reflecting Pool at sunset, gazing up at the Washington Monument shining like a beacon in the dusky sky. Inhaling the fragrance of cherry blossoms that surround the Jefferson Memorial. Grabbing a drink at the historic Old Ebbitt Grill, where the nicest bartender you’ll ever meet makes you the most delicious apple cinnamon whiskey drink you’ll ever have (one you still can’t remember the ingredients to). And afterwards, letting the glowing lights from the imposing Archives building and the Capital guide your way back to your hotel.
It is to this day, one of the best trips he and I have ever taken. I knew I had to capture it in a book.
For Bea Paxton and Zane Price, the indelible city serves as a backdrop to their blossoming romance. They fall in love while paddle boating in the Tidal Basin, and playing soccer beside the National Mall, and shooting darts in a swanky bar in the heart of historic downtown, down the street from the White House. Everywhere I walked in that city, I imagined the two of them flirting and getting to know each other in such a dynamic setting, one with such a charged atmosphere.
And just like that, I fell even more in love with their relationship and with their story.
Maybe it is because I love history that I enjoy the city so much. Or because I fell in love with Bea and Zane’s relationship so much. But I’d also like to think that appreciating D.C. is an experience we can all share…even fictional characters.

So, if you ever find yourself eating ice cream while walking along the Potomac River in D.C., stop and see if you don’t feel the same.

Suddenly, she was flying through the air.
Somebody had hold of her and they were going down. She braced herself for impact with the hard ground, but landed on a firm chest instead. A chest that smelled suspiciously like…Zane Price.
She was rolled off his body and found herself staring up at his face. He looked kind of angry. Huh. She wasn’t expecting that. She could feel his package grinding against her pelvis, so she certainly wasn’t mad about anything. A package that was quickly hardening, by the way.
“Did you just tackle me?” she asked in bewilderment.
She saw him swallow as his eyes flew over her face. “I believe I did, yes.”
Their position on the ground was far too sexual—not that she was doing anything about it. His upper body was hovering over hers so as not to crush her, but their lower bodies were in close contact.
Very close contact.
She cleared her throat. “Why?”
“Because you were about to become a casualty,” he whispered. “I saved your life.”
“My hero.” She’d meant it to sound sarcastic. But her voice came out a lot huskier than she’d intended.
He noticed.
His eyes darkened in response.
Everything below her belly clenched with need, a reaction that his own body mirrored. She felt him grow thick against her thigh, and though he didn’t say anything, she knew they were both aware of what was happening south of the border.
“And you’re still on top of me, why?”
“Because part of me is quite comfortable here,” he admitted. “And a different part of me is about to be in a world of pain once I move. I’m trying to decide which part I should listen to.”
“Do I get a say in this?”
He gave a small thrust of his hips against her, making her gasp. One quick grind that allowed her to feel the full extent of his manhood in all of its stiff glory.
She was a goner.
His eyelids lowered to half-mast as he took in her reaction. “Do you want a say in this?”

Casual Affair (Slow Seduction #1) 

Bea Paxton is a free spirit. She loves her fledgling interior design business, having fun, and she loves men. But only temporarily. Rule #1 is no relationships, no love, no commitment. She likes being in charge. It’s the only way to protect herself from getting hurt again.

Zane Price is the perfect candidate for a steamy time—beautiful, built, and British. Plus, he’ll soon be moving back to England. Really perfect.

Well...except for the fact that he’s her biggest client. And he doesn’t play by her rules. Hell, no. He wants more. Much more. Which is definitely not on the agenda.

Unfortunately, his kisses are nothing short of toe-curlingly awesome. And he is distracting her—a lot—from doing her job.

She needs to stay away from him. Her livelihood depends on it.

But Zane always gets what he wants. And he wants Bea. But for right now? Or forever...?

About the author:
Melanie grew up in a small town in rural Missouri. After marrying her husband, she decided she wanted to try coastal life. A few months later, they moved to North Carolina where she discovered her passion for writing, and they never looked back.

Melanie’s other passion is traveling and seeing the world. With anthropology degrees under their belts, she and her husband have made it their goal in life to see as many archaeological sites around the world as possible.

She has a horrible food addiction to pasta and candy (not together…ew). And she gets sad when her wine rack is empty.

At the end of the day, she is a true romantic at heart. She loves writing the cheesy and corny of romantic comedies, and the sassy and sexy of suspenses. She aims to make her readers swoon, laugh out loud, maybe sweat a little, and above all, fall in love.

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