Monday, July 3, 2017

Feeding the Office Supply Addiction

I love office supplies.  There. I’ve said it. If I could get locked in any store in the world overnight (or for a long weekend), I would probably choose Staples. Or Michaels, because I also love craft supplies. Sometimes the two overlap (washi tape, anyone?).

My affinity for paper, writing instruments and sticky things probably started with that first back-to-school shopping trip in 19…something. There was nothing like breaking into a new box of crayons. No matter that I already had a shoebox full of broken and de-pointed Crayolas, I craved the new ones.

And anyone remember manila paper? The stuff that shredded if you pressed down to hard with your big fat red pencil? Those occasions when a document made it from idea to perfectly colored finished product were rare, but oh, so satisfying. Can I get an “Amen?”

The crayons and glue quickly gave way to Trapper Keepers and pencil pouches, and then file folders and hanging folders and interoffice envelopes, but still—the new stuff always smells like…anticipation, doesn’t it?

And then I had my own kids, and going crayon shopping took on a totally new meaning. The kids were going back to school! Woot! I mean, “Oh, wow. I’m gonna miss those little stinkers.” Sure.

I think it was inevitable that I become a writer, because now I have an excuse to buy all the notebooks and pens and post-its and index cards and push pins and paper clips, and…

What? I do most of my writing on the computer? That’s completely irrelevant.  Don’t judge.

Eve, the heroine in my new book, A Taste of You, is at least as addicted to office supplies as I am. Unlike me, she actually uses all her stuff to keep everyone’s life running on schedule and with as few glitches as possible. It’s not until she meets Nick Baker, the carpenter she’s hired to work at her family’s distillery, does her predilection for post-its take on a new meaning…

“You really like office supplies, huh?”
“Oh yeah,” she told him. “Those times I get to take the company credit card and go to the office store? All that potential for organization and efficiency? It’s like Christmas and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one.”
“Copy paper.” He said it in a deep, growly voice that could have come from a 1970’s R&B singer. “Thumb tacks.”
He waggled his eyebrows at her, and she giggled.

A Taste of You 

Office supply addict Eve McGrath’s meticulously organized life is on the verge of crashing at her feet. Blue Mountain distillery’s new tasting and visitor center has to be finished pronto or her mother will lose her mind. Good thing Eve likes a challenge—which is exactly what she’ll face trying to convince the flaky contractor’s hot son to finish the job. 
Nick Baker is back in Kentucky just long enough to get his wayward dad back on his feet. Then he’s gone. Unfortunately, he can’t resist helping Eve, the sexy distiller-in-distress, whose addictive, bourbon-flavored kisses threaten his carefully constructed boundaries. And if he can’t rein himself in, the uncomfortable secrets of past will nail him to the wall…

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Author Bio:
TERI ANNE STANLEY has been writing since she could hold a crayon--though learning to read was a huge turning point in her growth as a writer. Teri's first stories involved her favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters, followed by her favorite teen idols.  She has also authored a recipe column (The Three Ingredient Gourmet), and scientific articles (Guess which was more interesting!).  Now she writes fun, sexy romance populated by strong, smart women and hunky heroes.
Teri currently supplements her writing income as a neuroscience research assistant.  In her nearly non-existent spare time, she is the human half of a therapy dog team, an amateur genealogist, and a compulsive crafter (if there are directions on the internet, she can probably make it). Along with a variety of offspring and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley enjoy boating and relaxing at their weekend estate, located in the thriving metropolis of Sugartit, between Beaverlick and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

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