Monday, June 26, 2017

This Cowboy’s Hat

With: Heather Long

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If you’ve never heard "This Cowboy’s Hat" by Chris LeDoux, I highly recommend it. Understanding the love of a cowboy, and the life of one, means you need to understand their hats. It has a lot to do with good manners and respect.

Working on a ranch, you’ll need a cowboy hat. The Stetson is an iconic image associated with cowboys, but it’s also one of their most useful tools. It shields the face from the sun and protects them from rain. You have to do more than wear that hat to be a cowboy. You have to remember when a cowboy takes his hat off.

When the National Anthem plays, a cowboy removes his hat. If you don’t take it off, it’s disrespectful.

When you enter someone’s home or church, the hat comes off. The hat is removed because you’re a guest and it’s respectful.

Sitting at the dinner table? Off comes the hat whether it’s at home or a restaurant. If you’re with a lady, it’s even more important the hat comes off. A cowboy’s hat is for a man on the go, and a man at work. When he’s sitting down to a meal, he’s focused on the here and the now.

During an introduction to a lady, doff the hat, and shake her hand. Hats can hide your eyes, and it’s always best to let her see you particularly during a first meeting.

If you’re nipping into a store for a quick purchase, you can keep the hat on. Remember, a cowboy opens the door, pulls out a chair, and offers his assistance. He also listens to the lady when she says she can handle it herself. But when all is said and done, if you’re planning to stay a while, take the hat off.

A cowboy’s hat can hold a lot of history, and it’s a promise of work ethic and authenticity. Keep the promise by showing politeness and respect.

What do you think ladies, what does a cowboy’s hat mean to you?


A Leatherneck by any other name can still kick ass, which is just what retired United States Marine Corps Captain Tanner Wilks plans to do when he returns to his Texas family ranch to care for his ailing father. And nothing will stop him from achieving his mission—not even a lithe, brown-eyed town veterinarian who seems hell-bent on driving him wild.

Captain Tanner Wilks, honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps, returns home to find his father struggling after his latest heart attack. Worse yet, Julia Heller—the sexy new girl in town that he once spent a hot night with—is the resident veterinarian who’s made a home for herself at Round Top ranch, and doesn’t seem to be in a rush to repeat their time together.

It falls on Tanner’s shoulders to take on the ranch and keep an eye on his father before he falls victim to another heart attack. But Julia doesn’t appreciate Tanner coming in or pursuing her. Even if he’s hot as hell and can make her quiver with just a look. Ousting her may give Tanner the leverage he needs to corral his father, but first he has to wrestle with his own heart.
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