Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rock Star Book Boyfriends IRL (in real life)

I am really into rock star romances right now (Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series, OMG!) The heroes of these books live wild, extravagant life styles, party hard, travel a lot, are a little cocky (sometimes a lot cocky!) and have money to burn, which they sometimes spend on stupid stuff. They have screaming fans and tabloids following them around snapping pictures all the time. Oh, and they are drop dead gorgeous and absolute gods between the sheets!

When they invite their normal, girl-next-door heroines into their superstar lives, it give us a little high, too. It makes us feel that girls like us *maybe* could get the attention of guys the skinnier, prettier, more popular girls couldn’t. That’s pretty much emotional crack for most of us who survived high school.

But what would it really be like to have one of these guys in your life? I mean, if I had a rock star boyfriend, I’d be worried all the time. Worried that there would be an accident. Worried there would be that one groupie he couldn’t resist. Worried that he’d party a little too hard and develop an addiction. Worried that he was worried about his career all the time—most entertainment careers are pretty ephemeral. What happens after that?

And then later, if the relationship progressed, what kind of husband and father would a rocker be? What if he was on the road all the time? Having four kids myself, I can say for certain that parenting is a team sport. Big kudos to all the single parents--I don’t think I could do it by myself.

So that’s where the heroine of my new book, Nashville Surprise is. After a hot weekend fling, she finds herself facing very permanent consequences. Now she has to decide if her country music bad boy is the kind of man she wants in her life on a permanent basis. But of course, everything she thinks she knows about Bo Branson is pretty much wrong. At first she approaches the question from a logical angle, using a notebook to record pros and cons. But it takes a road trip and little detour for her to really answer the questions she has about Bo.

The bottom line, though, is that romance is fantasy. I’ll keep my real husband (who is NOT a rock star) and keep my bad boy rock star crush between the pages.
Here’s an excerpt from Nashville Surprise, available now:
“Right. You were telling my about this fantasy date you’d dreamed up.”

“Was I?” He moved away slightly, grinning now. Flirty Sarah had chased away his disappointment and most of his exhaustion.

“You were. Where would we be right now if we were on the perfect date?”

“Not on the side of the road.”

“Good start.”

She hopped up on the trunk lid, resting her bare feet on the back bumper.

“Second, no truck stop food.”

“Hey, that burger was amazing,” she said.

“They could have charged all the men in that diner $50 each to watch you eat that burger. I’ll never look at a beef patty the same way again.” He grinned at her. She was blushing, of course.

 He leaned next to her against the back of the car. “I’d take you somewhere nice, so you would wear a dress that showed off your legs. Somewhere classy.”

“Really? You don’t seem like the dress up type of guy to me.”

He wasn’t. But Sarah was more refined and elegant. He’d choose a restaurant that made her happy.

“I dress up sometimes,” he said. “I even use silverware on occasion.”

“Wow. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

 “Okay, so we had dinner at a hoity-toity restaurant. Now what?” she asked. “Will there be some sort of entertainment?”

Entertainment. Now that was right in his wheelhouse.

“Private concert.”

“Nice. Think you could get Dierks Bentley? He’s sexy. And that voice. Wow.” She smiled, so sure she’d gotten the better of him with that crack.

“Sure,” he said casually.

Her smile faded. “You know him?”

“We have the same agent.” He pulled his phone out and scrolled through his contacts. “I’m sure I have his number. Want me to call him right now?”

She shook her head. “Sometimes I forget you’re a big deal. You seem so normal. Down to Earth.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Sarah and Emily Kingston's weekend in Nashville didn't go as planned. Emily was the winner of a date with sexy country music bad boy Bo Branson, but bookish Sarah was the woman who captured his attention. 

The weekend climaxed with one red hot night. Sarah and Bo knew the rules and when their one magical night was over, they went back to their own very different lives.

But months later, Sarah learns that their one night stand has a lifetime of consequences. Now she has to decide if Bo is the kind of man she wants in her child's life. Will he trade in his decadent rock-star lifestyle to be a solid man Sarah can depend on? Can strong, independent Sarah raise a child on her own? Should she even tell him about the secret baby now that he's on his way to being a huge country music star? Is the electric attraction that set that hotel room on fire still sizzling? 

Sarah doesn't have any answers, but when she catches up with Bo on tour, she's determined to discover the truth about the real Bo Branson...


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