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Oceanside Marine

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I’m fairly certain that I’m stuck in someone else’s life. Not like Freaky-Friday-stuck or anything, just living in a totally different way than I ever would’ve imagined back in my younger days. Since birth, I’ve lived in southern Minnesota where it’s normal to drive to another town an hour away to shop for anything, catch a movie, or eat somewhere decent. But truthfully, I’ve always been a big-city girl at heart. There’s nothing more enticing to me than living in a condo that’s close enough to anything I could ever want or need with the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis. And every time I visit a metropolis, I leave a little piece of my heart behind when it’s time to return home.

The first time I visited New York, I knew without any hesitation that it’s a place I was meant to live, even if only in my next life. On a subsequent visit, I stayed in a VBRO in Murray Hill where I was able to get a glimpse of what it was like to be a local. The fourth or fifth time (I’ve lost track), a friend took me to visit the park in Brooklyn Heights dedicated to my boy Adam Yauch (MCA from the Beastie Boys…after he passed I got a tattoo in his honor, so I guess you can say I’m a pretty big fan). I can’t pinpoint what it was specifically about the charming little neighborhood, but it was like coming home for the first time. 

There’s no hope at this point in my life of uprooting my family and moving as I’ve been married to a farmer for nearly nineteen years, so the Kendall family was born. A few of them even had the opportunity to move to Brooklyn Heights on my behalf. And since I was always jealous of those I knew who grew up in a big family, I decided there would be six siblings who would each get a turn in telling their story of finding true love.

The series can’t be lumped into one trope because it wouldn’t be realistic or exciting if every

single sibling fell in love with a rockstar, fighter, millionaire, Marine, bodyguard, or farmer. So I made their journeys toward happily ever after as unique as the characters, throwing obstacles in their way to make them work hard for their true loves. The rest of us are never handed anything in life, so why should they be allowed the privilege?

The three brothers and three sisters don’t start out particularly close in the beginning of the series, but I’m confident by the end anyone who reads the Kendall series will want to be a part of their family. I know I’d like to be, just don’t make me choose which hero I’d want to be paired with because they’re all pretty damn hot and amazing. But as their creator, I suppose I’m a little biased.

Oceanside Marine

Fresh out of the Marine Corps, Braden Kendall has settled into a comfortable routine in SoCal with his 3-legged dog and a handful of good friends. Despite being undeniably handsome and perceived as a lady’s man, he’s lonely and tired of meaningless hookups. After becoming pregnant in her teens, Katie Walker dedicated her life to raising her two sons, putting any romantic notions aside until they flew the nest. Now that she’s on her own and free to date, she struggles with putting her needs first.

Though Katie and Braden aren’t related by blood, their families are intertwined by marriage, making a relationship seem forbidden. Katie always found the cocky Marine attractive, but their considerable age difference made him off limits. Little does she know, Braden has been crushing on her for years and can’t get enough of her quirky personality. When they meet up in Vegas for a family celebration, Braden offers to show her a good time unmatched by anything she’s experienced. Once Katie decides she wants more of what he’s offering, can she survive a judgmental society, her insecurities, and the scrutiny of those closest to her?

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About Jennifer Ann:
Jennifer Ann is the author of nine contemporary romance novels with complex love stories. Like her characters, she's in love with the city of New York, trips on airplanes or the back of her husband's Harley, and everything rock and roll. Sometimes you can catch her driving a tractor alongside her husband in southern Minnesota while trying to keep up with the madness of their four active children.

You can connect with her online at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | BookBub | Goodreads

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