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Secrets Can Bite

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And we all know where they bite us, don’t we? Right in the patootie! Some people keep secrets to save face so they don’t look bad in front of others. Secrets are sometimes used in certain clubs with a special “secret decoder ring”, or “secret handshake” for members only. That was something I remember doing with my friends as a child. Ah, good times.
There comes a time a person might keep a secret because it’s part of their cover, like a cop, or agent, or a soldier, as part of their job to protect civilians…and that is acceptable and understandable.

Then there are those who keep a secret because they truly believe it is someone else’s best interest. Does this dress make me look fat? Do you like my new haircut? What did you think of my meatloaf? All normal questions, but sometimes it puts a person on the spot and you tend to lie so you don’t hurt someone’s feelings. There are also times a person never intended to lie, but circumstances spiral out of control.

That’s what happened to the heroine in my new release, Her Secret Ranger. This is my second book in The Men of At Ease Ranch series, and it’s about secrets, and learning not to feel responsible for others actions. By the time my heroine realizes the man she’s seeing is a friend of her brother, she’s forced to lie about her last name, because she knows the Ranger Code—to not mess with another Ranger’s sister—would put an end to her burgeoning relationship with the Hero. She’s already falling for him and wants the chance for him to do the same before she tells him the truth, hoping he’ll find it not so easy to walk away.

It made for a premise that was pure fun to write. This book is sexy and funny, and I had a blast dealing with the pitfalls her secret created, because you know the truth always has a way of coming out.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Her Secret Ranger.  Although it is the second book in the series, each book can be read on it’s own, and in any order..

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Thank you for helping me celebrate the release of Her Secret Ranger! I’m excited to share it with everyone!


Kissing the sexy soldier was a dare she couldn’t resist…

By-the-book event planner Beth Brannigan’s best friend dared her to kiss a cowboy. She should have said no. Instead, she said please…again and again. If her brother finds out she’s dating—okay, kissing—okay, sleeping with—one of his military buddies, he’ll kill her. Assuming he doesn’t kill his friend first.

Former Army Ranger Brick Mitchum isn’t a relationship kind of guy. But then he meets Beth and starts to wonder if maybe it’s time he settled down. She’s mysterious. Unpredictable. Curvy in every way he needs… And hiding something. He’s just got to figure out what. 

It was…him. The cowboy from two weeks ago. Seriously? What were the chances he’d walk back into her life at that exact moment? “Uh…”
“I know, right? And there’s not a wedding ring in sight. Now go over there and kiss him.” Her snickering friend pushed her after the hunk striding toward the livestock section of the fair. “Go on before he gets away. Or is that what you wanted?”
She gulped. Pulled herself together. The knowing tone in her friend’s voice revealed she expected Beth to chicken out.
Any other time, yes, she’d lose the dare. It was childish and irresponsible, and she didn’t have time for foolish games. But she did have time to help her friend de-stress. Her friend who was also her client. It was Beth’s duty to put her client at ease. So, technically, it was her duty to kiss the sexy cowboy whose body she knew as well as her own.
That was her story and she was sticking to it.
“Fine. I’ll do it.”
Rachel squealed and clapped her hands.
Grasping bravado with two fists, Beth set her shoulders, lifted her chin, and marched after the hot guy striding away from her down the fairway. So what if she’d decided he was part of her past? The opportunity was too good to pass up. Things like this never happened to her.
Zigzagging around fairgoers, she avoided running into two children wearing a blue coating of cotton candy, and closed in on her prey. Her confidence rose with each step. Not only had she received her first ever dare, she was actually in the position to have the upper hand on the challenge.
A flicker of guilt and a touch of anxiety mixed with excitement. She pushed them both aside and smiled when the cowboy suddenly stiffened and came to a halt. It was as if he could feel her presence as sure as she could feel his. Not wanting Rachel to see the guy’s expression, Beth didn’t give him a chance to turn around. She slid in front of him, her anxiety fading at the pleasure curving his mouth into a sexy grin, dimpling his cheeks.
“Hello, Brick,” she said.
Then she cupped his deliciously scruffed jaw, pulled his face down, and kissed the ever loving heck out of him.
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Donna Michaels is an award winning, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Romaginative fiction. Her hot, humorous, and heartwarming stories include cowboys, men in uniform, and some sexy primal alphas who are equally matched by their heroines. From short to epic, her books entertain readers across a variety of sub-genres like, contemporary, romantic comedies, and romantic suspense. With a husband in the military fulltime (until he retires in the fall! Woot!), four children, and several rescued cats, she never runs out of material to write, and has rightfully earned the nickname Lucy…and sometimes Ethel.
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