Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In Lieu of a Card...

I’ve never been a fan of a card for every occasion. I have friends that are so up on that game, I don’t even try. They’ll have a gorgeous card for me to add my name to, not some 2 for a $1 thing from Dollar Tree that I’d show up with. They shell out $4 of these cards, sometimes more. And they’re fab, but looked at once and recycled.

In my local circle of friendlies, I have my card chicks who make me look like a good friend. In my online world...not so much. So last year, I started sending books in lieu of a card. It arrives instantly, half the time it’s my book, and I get a thank you. Cards don’t get a thank you anymore, unless money is included.

Gifting a book instead of a card is the thing at baby showers now. It’s brilliant because cards get lost in all that gift wrap and tissue paper. But Goodnight Moon is never left behind. Plus, it’s much faster than reading through eleventeen card options, buying one and signing your name. It’s even exchangeable! If you’re gifted a second copy of Just Married, you can return it for The Billionaire’s Runaway Bride. (Shameless promotion right there.)

For all the boyfriends and husbands Googling Top Gifts for Valentine’s Day or Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Her, go with a book. Honest, it’s easy. Go on, judge a book by the cover or by the rank on a bestseller list. Extra points if it’s sexy. Go for a locked-in-a-cabin romance if that’s your thing. If you love that she read 50 Shades, look at the ‘also boughts’ on that page. Grab it, send it to her email, type Happy Valentine’s Day in the comment box. BOOM.

You may have to hear about how clever you were to think of it. No worries, I’ll never tell.

PS: Any book with BILLIONAIRE in the title is as good as chocolate. Promise.

The Billionaire’s Runaway FiancĂ©e  

Robyn Tindall’s new boss has a penchant for running off new personal assistants before lunch, but she’s not about to let herself be fired by the billionaire with a bad attitude, no matter how good he looks. She’s determined to be indispensable and unflappable, until he surprises her with a crazy proposal.

Curtis Frye is impressed with his new assistant’s dedication and decides she could be the answer to his publicity problems if only she’ll agree to marry him. It’s the perfect plan. He can offer her the world—everything he thinks a woman desires. But Robyn doesn’t want anything money can buy. She wants a happily ever after with a man who loves her. If only he can convince her love is off the table, not to mention convince his heart of that…

Author Bio:
Jenna Bayley-Burke believes in falling in love, one story at a time. Be that in books, movies, or your honey’s stand-up routine. She tells fantasies of billionaires and beautiful locations, cowboys and fake engagements, women we all want as friends and men that we hope ours act like on occasion. www.jennabayleyburke.com



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