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Do You Believe In Magic?

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Happy New Year! If you’re like me, January 1 represents a fresh start, a reset button on everything that you could have, should have done with the previous 365 days. All the glitter and sparkle on New Years’ Eve symbolizes the magic of closing the book on one chapter in life and placing the pen to a blank page of the next installment. Today, I want to talk about why we adore the fantastical adaptations and modernizations of classic fairy tales. 

When I recognize a Cinderella or a Beauty and the Beast theme in a book or a movie I don’t say to myself, “not again.” My reaction is quite the opposite. I pop some corn, pull out my comfortable throw, and settle into the recliner. Why?

Because I know this is going to be an epic tale that embodies all the child-like magic I hope to experience in my own life. Not necessarily birds who can sew a Vera Wang gown or a pumpkin that somehow grew a 12-cylinder engine to get me to the ball, but the idea that there’s a silver lining in an Express Mail package that has my name and address stenciled on the label.

Let’s face it, real life is laden with one challenge after another. Similar  to the first chapter in our favorite fairy tale, everyday begins with a flaxen-haired beauty with an angelic soprano belting out a melodic tune until a wicked witch comes along with a cart of poison apples and a few amphibian-morphing spells.

Similar to the prince and princess in fairyland, we must learn to forgive, to believe in ourselves, to trust others, and ultimately to love. Even when the problem appears insurmountable, as in life, the option to turn back rarely exists and we must persevere through adversity and conflict.

The seedling of innocence that remains unchanged with time is ever hopeful that good can conquer all evil, that there is magic in true love’s kiss, and the innocence of first love will be rewarded with our heart’s desire. In the end, we must boldly enter the sacrificial fire where our mettle is tested and we are found to be noble and worthy of a happy ending.
The real magic in fairy tales is that they give us hope that there’s still a touch of magic available to each of us no matter how impossible the journey may seem. I believe in magic, and… I hope you do, too.

CONCEALING FIRE is Book 2 in Siera London’s Fiery Fairy Tales series, a modern-day Little Red Riding Hood story.

Dallas Fire & Rescue firefighter, Kendall Raine goes out of her way to avoid male attention. She's focused on salvaging her career, and the temporary assignment to Key West's Historic District Firehouse is just the opportunity she's been waiting for. Unfortunately for Kendall, her hot as sin teammate threatens her focus and stokes an internal fire she thought long extinguished.

Firefighter and former Marine, Cutler Stevens sees beyond Kendall's disguise the moment he lays eyes on her. As a former Marine, his fighting days are behind him, but gut instinct tells him this woman could use a champion on her side. Cutler likes his life easy and his women uncomplicated, but attraction and curiosity spark a deep desire to uncover what Kendall is desperately trying to hide.

After a natural disaster forces them together, they surrender to the burning passion between them. Cutler knows one night with Kendall in his arms will never be enough, even if she won't admit it.

Just when Kendall accepts Cutler as a permanent part of her life, they are both tested when her past follows her to the southernmost point of the United States. How far will Cutler go when he discovers what Kendall is prepared to do to preserve her newfound freedom? Will their decisions protect their newfound love or unveil a secret that will consume them both?


His blond hair flowed in thick waves to just shy of his shoulders. It wasn't that uni-shade of blond from a bottle either, nope. His mane consisted of layered dark strands with golden ropes beneath sun-lightened waves. The ends were saturated with rainwater and she noticed the curl pattern had deepened. With those blue eyes, the body designed by a god, and the storm on the horizon, she half expected a trident to appear in his hand and the rain to obey his command. Definitely, Olympic God material.
Her breath hitched when he called her name. Unfortunately her brain was preoccupied with shoveling coal into her long dormant sexual furnace so Kendall didn’t stop her forward advance. She continued on the horny bunny train to X-ratedville until she slammed into his back. The air swooshed from her lungs. Her right foot slipped and she felt her knee buckle. In an effort to break her impending fall, she grabbed Cutler around the waist, plastering her front to his back. Dang, his ass was rock hard and she melted into his backside like butter on hot breakfast toast.
A muscled forearm came down over hers, locking her in place. The heat from his palm, broad and callused, warmed her wet skin.
He chuckled. “Grabby little thing, aren’t you.” For a moment they both stood still. “I like it.”
Her head rested on his back. Slowly, remnants of proper manners invaded her conscious thought and she moved to pull her arm free of his.
“It was an accident...sorry.” Seconds ticked by in silence. Would he accept her apology? People bumped into one another everyday, of course he would accept her apology. She realized the fantasy musings combined with an active imagination had her overreacting. So, why hadn't he said anything?
Cutler's fingers tightened on her arms and her skin started to sizzle at the added contact.
“You getting caught watching my ass or you hugging it?”
She was speechless. What kind of man brought up his assets with a woman he’d just met? Kendall swallowed her retort because...excitement fluttered her insides, not remorse.
“Which is it darlin’? Accidentally watching or accidentally hugging?”

Siera is giving away a digital copy of Chasing Flames; a Cinderella adaptation is Book 1 in the Fiery Fairy Tales series. Just follow my Amazon Author page and leave an answer to the question below. What is your favorite fairy tale?

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Siera London is a #1 Amazon bestselling author of contemporary and romantic suspense. She’s a retired advanced practice nurse and served 22 years in the United States Navy. She writes stories about sizzling heroes, sassy heroines, and seat of your pants suspense. Siera lives in Florida with her husband, and a color patch tabby named Frie. 

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  1. Following you on Amazon. My favorite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty.

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    1. Thanks for following, Linda. If you like Sleeping Beauty, you'll adore the ending to CONCEALING FIRE...he he! :D

  2. Thanks for hosting me today, Just Contemporary Romance! I'll be in and out all day!

  3. Cinderella

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  4. I love Princess and the Frog, Tiana takes charge and finds her dreams


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