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Why contemporary romance?

I love all romance and have written the entire gamut from historical to contemporary to futuristic.  But there are some things I especially enjoy about contemporary.  To celebrate the release of my new book from Entangled Lovestruck, Just one Week, let me outline some of the best things about contemporary romance.

First, today’s woman has so much more freedom and opportunity than women did even in our recent past.  She’s likely to have a career and her own identity independent of the man in her life.  She’s not Mrs. Someone else.  She’s Ms. and retains her own name, thank you.  She can walk away from a suitor or stay…her choice.

In previous eras, a woman’s virginity defined her value as a human being.  If she wasn’t “unsullied,” she wasn’t worth anything.  Think about the word “sullied.”  It suggests that if a woman has had sex, she’s dirty…broken beyond repair.  What a narrow-minded, hateful way to think of a human being.  Today’s woman would laugh at such a proposition.

Today’s woman is also freer to express her sexuality.  We now have effective means of contraception.  A woman needn’t worry that each sexual encounter might result in a pregnancy, and this fact allows her to truly enjoy herself.  Furthermore, society’s values about female sexuality have changed.  Today we expect women to enjoy sex at least as much as their partners.  A woman expects to have orgasms.  This makes the love scenes especially fulfilling because they’re free of the guilt and shame heaped on women in the past.

Which brings us to the question of condoms.  People have had condoms for much longer than we imagine—going back into the 19th Century—but we don’t normally read about them in historical romances.  In contemporaries we always have to grapple with the problem of to wear one or not to wear one.  Wearing a condom shows the people are responsible concerning STD’s.  On the other hand, they’re not particularly romantic, and some people don’t want the fantasy ruined.  I see the merits of both sides of the argument and usually defer to the publisher on this subject.  (BTW, there are condoms in Just One Week.)

Aside from the issue of women’s freedom, sexual and otherwise, there are practical advantages to writing in the present day.  Telephones, for example.  These days we carry them with us wherever we go.  We also have airplanes.  Our characters can be in New York one day and Paris the next.  It’s easier to cook with modern appliances, and even the boy next door can whip up a gourmet delight for the heroine on the spur of the moment.  There are also massages, spas and hot tubs, and oversized beds.  Yum!

But if I had to choose the single best thing about living in the present day, I’d say without question “indoor plumbing.”  I don’t know how people in earlier time periods used the toilet.  Blissfully, we leave those details out of historical romances because they might well be fairly disgusting.

And baths.  In a historical romance, servants had to haul hot water in buckets to a bathtub set in the center of milady’s bedroom.  You’ll occasionally read that in a romance, but I’ve never read how the servants got all the water back out.  Did they scoop up as much as they could and carry it down stairs and then haul a nearly-empty tub down after?  Who wants to make their employees do all that?  Not I.  Nor do I want to live without my bath.
When it comes to ball gowns and carriages, historical romance is fun, but when you look at the reality of life, I’d rather spend it in the present day.

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