Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stripped Bounty

There are many things that inspire me to write a specific character. In the case of Badger, the hero in Stripped Bounty, it’s different.

At first glance, Drew “Badger” Baxter is your typical romance alpha male. He’s a gruff biker with rough edges. He’s tattooed. He’s a t-shirt, jeans and work-boots kind of guy. He has a work ethic that makes most people look lazy. And he’s fully self- supporting.

Basically, he’s a sexy badass!

Badger is single. After all, with his work in both the strip club and as a bounty hunter, there’s no time for romance. But there’s no desire for it either.

Dig deeper and you’ll find that Badger takes care of his grandmother. He pays for her to be in a pretty swank assisted living facility, and visits her weekly. 

All in all, Badger is a really good guy. 

Actually, he’s more than a good guy. 

I’ve had the privilege of knowing a few men over the years who are very similar to Badger. But my biggest inspiration came from my own life. I was married to a man with the same type of character, integrity, and heart of gold as Badger. 

My ex-husband, who I gratefully have an amicable relationship with, is one of those rare breeds of men. The kind of man everyone should get to know or meet at least once in their lifetime.

A friend, a confidant, a protector, a hard worker…and loyal to the bone. 

When writing Badger, there were many moments when I would have to stop and think about how my ex might react to a situation at hand. 

So…is Badger my ex-husband? No. Not at all. But he’s definitely similar to him. They’re cut from the same cloth.

Thank you, and I hope you check out Stripped Bounty!

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Protecting her isn't an option. It's a requirement.

Badger finally got Rosie in his bed, but in order to keep her there, he has to figure out how to save her life.

After her drug-running husband gets himself killed, Rosie Santini figures Phoenix is a fine place to get a fresh start. Deuce's strip club isn't too fresh, but the money's easy. As she works the pole, the only gaze she can't ignore belongs to the club's head bouncer, Badger Baxter. But Rosie's seen her fair share of tall, dark, and dangerous, and no way is she heading down that road. Not even for a hot hunk of muscle like Badger.

When he's not bounty hunting, Badger runs security at Deuce's. Rosie should be just another piece of fresh meat in the club's stable of pole jockeys, but all her sexy parts add up to a ride Badger would like to test drive. Trouble is, Badger likes his women submissive, but not broken. She's definitely got baggage he wants no part of. But when her husband's killer shows up looking for stolen cash, she fits naturally under his protection--and it isn't long before she's hooked deep into his heart.

So deep, losing her now would make him bleed in more ways than one.

Warning: This book contains violent situations due to physical altercations and gunfire. Be on the look out for D/s sexual play, which may cause drooling and might have you reaching for the nearest man or battery operated boyfriend.

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