Saturday, August 27, 2016

Celebrate the Launch of #SunsetInCentralPark with 10 Lessons in Love

With: Sarah Morgan

Congratulations to "Ada", the winner in Sarah's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Celebrate the Launch of #SunsetInCentralPark with 10 Lessons in Love from 
USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan

Love can be tricky and fickle, young love even more so. It can be hard when you are just getting to know yourself, to know if the person you want to settle down with is really the right person for you. So to help us all on our journey’s in love, here are some lessons from the three leading ladies in my brand new From Manhattan With Love series, best friends Frankie, Eva & Paige. 

Let me know what you favorite piece of advice is by using the hashtag #SunsetInCentralPark, and include your answer in the comments below to win a digital copy of Sunset In Central Park (available wherever books are sold Tuesday, August 30th, 2016)!

1. Sleeping Beauty didn’t need a prince. She needed strong coffee. —Frankie

2. If you want unconditional love, get a dog. —Frankie

3. A compliment is a gift. Accept it gratefully. —Eva

4. Friends are like bubble wrap. They protect you against hard knocks. —Eva

5. Before you run from something, make sure whatever is chasing you can’t run faster. —Paige

6. Just because a man doesn’t ask for directions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show him the way. —Paige

7. One person’s danger is another person’s good time. —Eva

8. Relationships are like Halloween. Scary. —Frankie

9. If your glass is half-full, open another bottle of wine. —Paige

10. If your glass is half-empty, you’re less likely to spill it. —Frankie

Sunset in Central Park

In the chaos of New York, true love can be hard to find, even when it's been right under your nose all along… 

Love has never been a priority for garden designer Frankie Cole. After witnessing the fallout of her parents' divorce, she's seen the devastation an overload of emotion can cause. The only man she feels comfortable with is her friend Matt—but that's strictly platonic. If only she found it easier to ignore the way he makes her heart race… 

Matt Walker has loved Frankie for years but, sensing how fragile she is beneath her feisty exterior, has always played it cool. But then he uncovers new depths to the girl he's known forever and doesn't want to wait a moment longer. He knows Frankie has secrets and has buried them deep, but can Matt persuade her to trust him with her heart and kiss him under the Manhattan sunset? 

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About the author: 
Sarah Morgan writes warm contemporary women’s fiction with her trademark humour which has gained her fans across the globe. Sarah lives near London with her husband and children, and when she isn’t reading or writing she loves being outdoors, preferably on holiday so she can forget the house needs tidying. You can visit Sarah online at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @SarahMorgan_. 


  1. I'm so looking forward to reading this, I just love Sarah Morgan's books.

    My favorite piece of advice is definitely "Friends are like bubble wrap. They protect you against hard knocks." It's so true! #SunsetInCentralPark

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  2. This sounds like a great read. I also like this quote best:

    4. Friends are like bubble wrap. They protect you against hard knocks. —Eva

    It's so true and a good reminder that our friends are here for us.

  3. "don't sweat the small stuff... and it all small"

    (epub if I win: please)

    love your books Sarah!
    alysap at yahoo dot com

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  5. I find that I'm agreeing with Frankie, there are two quotes I like best -

    2. If you want unconditional love, get a dog
    8. Relationships are like Halloween. Scary.

    Very sage, very very true!

    I haven't started this series but I"m definitely looking forward to reading it! #SunsetInCentralPark
    thebigbluewall77 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  6. there wasn't a giveaway alert on this post


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