Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Beauty of a Long Tail

Congratulations to "Colleen C.", the winner in Lizbeth's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Think of the most beautiful animal you can and chances are it’s one of nature’s elegant or agile creatures with memorable, lush coloring and a luxurious, unforgettable tail:  a leopard, lion, monkey, lemur, panther, or even a strong, brilliant dolphin with its skillful, long-bodied flipper. These animals are not only beautiful and memorable, they are long-lived and at the top of the food chain. In other words, they stand out.

Did you know that books can have long tails, too? In the publishing world, the life of a book weeks and months after its release is known as its tail and the longer it is, the more people remember the story or discover it as a new book long after it first appeared. I.e., it stays at the top of its literary food chain!

Needless to say, authors dream of long tails, and the best publishers, large or small, care deeply about creating a long tail for their books because it affects bottom lines.

One of the most amazing and exciting things about the publishing business today is the way authors can help create long tails for their books all on their own. Between e-books and indie publishing, stories can live for a very long time—much longer than the “olden days” when a book was available for readers only as long as it stayed on the shelf in a book store.

Thanks to online book retailers, readers can easily find an author’s backlist—or most of it—and even an older book is always new to a new reader. It’s positively exciting.

I’m going through all this because, while I’m thrilled with my current series—Seven Brides for SevenCowboys (which features six sisters and their long lost cousin who learn they have inherited their family’s fifty-acre ranch in Wyoming and must figure out a way to save it, or lose it—and I hope you’ll go and discover it!) I’m really excited that my current publisher, Avon, has re-released one of my older books into some retail outlets this month, giving it new life—a longer tail!

The book is “Rescued by a Stranger” and it’s one of my favorite stories from my very first series set in the fictional small town of Kennison Falls, Minnesota. I LOVE this series because it stars my home state, it features my very favorite, unique and quirky secondary characters, and I have never fallen out of love with my four heroes from the four books.

“Rescued by a Stranger” is the story of Chase Carpenter, who winds his way to Minnesota from Memphis and a life and a tragedy he’s trying to escape. When he meets Jill Carpenter he finds a strong, smart, talented veterinary student who has her own life decisions to make. In addition to being a gifted future vet, Jill also has Olympic Equestrian Team potential. But in order to ride in the big time, she’d have to give up her life in Kennison Falls. With Chase there is an age gap, only a short summer for them to be together and, most concerning, a huge secret she knows he’s keeping but can’t get him to divulge. What makes things difficult is the mega-watt attraction between them and, as the summer goes on, Jill’s discovery of more and more reasons to make Chase a huge part of her life and the decision she eventually makes.

In this book, along with Chase and Jill’s chemistry, there’s a crotchety but loveable old farmer, a conniving sister, and a dog who may just be part angel. I love these people and their animals like they were part of my own family.

You don’t have to go to a store to find “Rescued by a Stranger.” You can find it right online in either paperback or e-book, along with the rest of the series. And I’m as excited to tell you about it now as I was when it first released. I would love for you to check it out—give it’s long tail even more length.

And when you do, I invite you to take a look at the rest of the series, too:  “The Rancher and the Rock Star,” “Beauty andthe Brit,” and “Good Guys Wear Black.”  You’ll find that the books follow each other and yet stand alone as well—and some of them are even on sale for a short time.

So, that’s the beauty of the long tail for authors in a nutshell. To celebrate, I’d love to send one commenter a paperback copy of “Rescued by a Stranger.” Just tell me if there’s any author you’ve discovered from one of his or her backlist books. Whose “long tail” have you helped to create?

I wish you all happy reading—and many new, wonderful reads—even if they aren’t actually new books!

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  1. Hi Lizbeth, glad to hear Rescued by A Stranger is being re-released and getting a long tail :) I think I would have to say it was Tessa Dare and her Spindle Cove series. I found a copy of the second book in the series at my library and it intrigued me enough to go get her first book and now I absolutely adore that series and grab anything of hers I can find!


    1. Hi Ada! :-D
      I love Tessa Dare, too. And, what's cool, is that I discovered her through the Spindle Cove series just like you did! Plus--she's a super awesome lady, so you have good taste all around!

  2. Congrats on your continued must be really exciting to see people discovering your older work for the first time. I remember picking up one of Karen Marie Monings highlander series books, loving it and then being so excited to discover there were more before and after the story I read. It's always fun to discover a new favourite.

    Goldgirl149 at hotmail dot com

    1. Hey Laura! Karen Marie Moning is another amazing author. What a treasure to find her books like you did. Thanks so much for sharing that--it makes me want to go pick up those books again :-) And thanks for being here today, too!!

  3. Oh goodness, I'm new to the romance genre so I've discovered almost everyone through their backlist. In particular though, I adore Donna Grant's and Lisa Kleypas' backlists. Donna Grant's current releases are all set in the same world as her backlist so it was fun catching up and having the anticipation of new releases all with one author. And oh Lisa Kleypas...she writes some of the best heroes. I'm still working my way through her older books but all of them a gems!

    1. Hi You! I love this--you're just the kind of wonderful romance reader we all adore. So excited and enthusiastic. AND you do those wonderful playlists ;-) I adore Lisa Kleypas and, since I'm a contemporary girl, I love her contemporaries almost more than her classic classy historicals! So glad you stopped by today!

  4. I love finding an older book and getting hooked on an author's work... the most recent for me would be Laura Griffin!

    1. Hi Colleen! Yup--exactly. You've found the secret. And I admit I know Laura's name and work but have yet to read her. So--with your endorsement I'll have to go grab one of hers!! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. can't think of any

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Congratulations on re-release :)
    Sherrilyn Kenyon :)

    1. Hi Bube! Glad to see you here. Sherrilyn Kenyon! What an amazing backlist to start with :-) She's amazing.

  7. I've been more a genre which is JAFF. One of the books I read and reviewed Miss Darcy's Companion by Joana Starnes, which came out on 5/12 is still in the Top 100 in 3 different categories in the Kindle Store. I think that's pretty cool.


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