Friday, April 8, 2016

Stirring Up Humor

With: Judi Lynn

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I try to include some humor in my romances.  For COOKING UP TROUBLE, I wanted a heroine who repeatedly rescues the hero.  I thought it would be fun:

The phone rang at three in the morning.

Tessa grabbed it.  "Grams?"  Was she all right?  Had she fallen?  Had something happened?

A male voice answered.  "Tessa, I'm in a bit of a jam."

Really?   Tessa had to work in the bakery all day Friday and Saturday.  "This had better be good."

"There's a bat flying around in my bedroom.  A big one.  How do I get rid of it?"

She groaned.  "Do you have a tennis racket?"

"Somewhere.  It's in a stack of boxes in the garage, not sure which one.."

"Have you tried throwing dead bugs in the air and leading it outside?"

"You're not all that funny."

She sighed.  "I'll be there in a few minutes."

She put a bra on under her pajama top, decided her pj bottoms were good enough, and grabbed her own racket.  On the drive to Ian's, she rolled down the window of her pickup and inhaled the cool, night air.  She wasn't in a particular hurry.  The idiot man would survive a lone bat until she got there.  It was a beautiful night—clear, with a canopy of bright stars sparkling overhead.  She loved living on a lake.  It made the air smell cleaner, fresher.  Tree frogs trilled in the low, marshy area where a stream emptied into the lake.

When she parked by Ian's front door, he opened it and motioned her inside.  He was in his pajama bottoms, too.  Nothing more.  Lord have mercy.  How could a man look so good?  She bit her bottom lip, trying to concentrate.

"Aren't you chilly without a shirt?" she asked.

"My chest of drawers is in the bedroom.  The bat's diving all over in there.  They go for your hair, don't they?"

He had wonderful hair—crisp and wavy—but Tessa doubted a bat would find it comfy.

He dragged her inside.  "It's a fruit bat, right?  You don't have any vampire bats around here?"

She rolled her eyes.  What the heck did people who lived on the coasts read about the Midwest?  "The werewolves ate all the vampire bats," she told him.  "You're safe."

He scowled.  He obviously didn't appreciate Midwest humor.  "I called Big Foot to help me, but he was busy.  How do I get rid of it?"

Cooking Up Trouble

Tessa Lawrence swore off men when she found her fiancĂ©e in the arms of another woman.  These days, she concentrates on caring for her small farm and running a bakery and farm stand out of its barn. Ian McGregor moves to Mill Pond to build a resort on the property next to Tessa’s.  Tessa’s fine with that. Mill Pond’s trying to attract more tourists.  The problem is, Ian understands business, but he’s never changed a tire or pounded a nail.  She finds herself helping him more than she expected, and spending time around Ian is a dangerous proposition.  The man’s far too good-looking and fun to be around.

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Judi Lynn Bio:  
When some people think of Indiana, they think of corn—which we have a lot of.  But to me, Indiana is green—lush, beautiful, vibrant greens—so I use fictional towns and plunk them in an Indiana setting for a lot of my stories.  I love cooking and gardening, and those sneak into my novels, too.  I’ve collected more strays than I deserve.  I’m a fan of Agatha Christie and urban fantasy, and I believe in happy ever after.



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