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Inside a writer’s mind

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I set my treadmill on fire last week. Literally. It was a lot easier than you’d think. I had to do one last read through of my manuscript and decided to walk while I worked. My husband attached a board to the treadmill to make a desk area and as it was a gorgeous sunny day, I dragged the treadmill to the area outside by back door and parked it beside a bag of horse feed. I put the pile of papers on my desk area, grabbed a pen and got to work—feeling pretty self-righteous while I did it. 

Half an hour in to my walk, I smelled smoke. I thought the neighbour was burning his tree clippings, as that happens a lot around here. Twenty minutes later my husband came out to investigate the smell and shouted at me to get off the treadmill. I looked down and there was smoke billowing around my legs. Some of the horse feed had fallen into the motor and been set alight by the friction.

My treadmill is now dead. And while I was busy putting out the fire, our pet goat ate two pages full of editing notes.

I don’t work outside anymore.

I’ve learned a couple of things from this experience and thought I’d share them with you:

1. A writer’s ability to concentrate is a dangerous thing.
2. If you smell smoke, check your feet.

I’d like to say this is an unusual incident in my life, but it really isn’t. I am the most accident prone person I know, mainly because my brain is always occupied with something else—usually an argument between characters, or a plot point I really need to get into a story. Unfortunately, my brain is rarely occupied with reality. 

That’s how my kids end up being dropped off at school on a Saturday—only to walk home again once they discover school isn’t on. Or how I end up sitting in the driveway of the house we sold eight years ago wondering how I got there. Or the time I called the AA because I couldn’t get into my car, only to discover it wasn’t my car. Or…you get the idea.
Fortunately for me, being dippy and disaster prone really helps with my books. It’s like the cycle of life—I get into a mess thinking about stories, then use the mess in my stories, then get into another mess thinking about that story and so on. Really, it’s a very efficient way of working. No time or event is ever wasted. (At least that’s what I tell my husband.)

In case you’re wondering what kind of story I could write where tales of a treadmill fire would be handy, I write contemporary romance with a humorous bent. My current series is set in a small town in the Scottish Highlands, but I bring in characters from all over the world. I like to dump a foreigner in town and watch them suffer culture shock dealing with the locals. All the books are standalone novels, with the exception of the latest one. To fully appreciate Here Comes The Rainne Again, you need to have read the first in the series. Fortunately, Lingerie Wars, is free to download so everyone can catch up at no extra expense. (That’s my Scottish heritage—worrying about the cost!)

In celebration of the release of the new book, I’m giving away a full set of Invertary ebooks. That’s the whole six. So if you fancy spending some time in Scotland’s craziest town enter the draw.

Good luck and don’t forget to watch out for burning feet!

Here Comes The Rainne Again

Kirsty has planned the perfect Leap Day wedding. 

And it’s all falling apart...

The Scottish Highlands are in the middle of the worst snow storm in decades. Cell towers are down, electricity is out and roads are closed. 

In true Invertary style the town’s folk have decided to ignore the weather and carry on with the party. Kirsty is at the castle, in the middle of her hen-night and having second thoughts about the wedding. Lake is enduring his stag-do at the town’s only pub, helpfully organised by his 'best man' eighty-nine year old Betty. Rainne, Lake’s sister, has come back to town after three years away to not only attend the wedding, but to see if Alastair will give her a second chance to love him. Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of men with guns have surrounded the castle! 

The castle is under siege. The town is under snow. The men are stuck at the pub and the women are on their own. With emotions running high, snow falling hard and lives on the line, the residents of Invertary are about to stage the wedding of the century. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the rest of the books in my Invertary series, this one isn't a standalone novel. Here Comes The Rainne Again follows up on the characters in the first book in the series—Lingerie Wars. Because of this, I recommend that you read Lingerie Wars before Here Comes The Rainne Again, otherwise you might get a bit lost—and we don’t want that. :) Lucky for you, Lingerie Wars is currently free to download! Happy reading! 

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Lingerie Wars (Invertary #1) is currently FREE!

About Janet Elizabeth Henderson:
I grew up in Scotland, but now I’m living in New Zealand - married to a Dutch man whom I met in America. (It can get a little confusing in my household!) When I'm not living in my head, I'm a mother to two tiny kids, three pet sheep, three miniature horses, three alpacas, one dog, two cats, several chickens and an escape artist goat. 

5 random things about me:

1. I accidentally mooned a crowd at a Bolivian wedding.
2. I've been chased by a gang of baboons. And I mean gang. They were organised and vicious. All that was missing was their leather jackets and tattoos!
3. I wrote my first novel when I was 22. It was a cross between Star Wars, Monsters Inc. and Tinkerbelle. Funnily enough, no one wanted to publish it. Odd that...
4. I was a portrait artist on the streets of Amsterdam for a time. 
5. I worked night shift as a security guard at Stirling Castle in Scotland while I was in art college. The castle was on a terrorist hit-list back then. To defend it they gave me a flashlight, a two-way radio that only worked one-way and made me wear a polyester A-line skirt...

If you'd like to sign up for my newsletter, which happens sporadically - usually when books are being released - then you'll find a form on my website. I hope you enjoy my books. Happy reading!


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