Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Accidentally In Love With The Biker

Thanks for inviting me to visit here on my “Accidentally In Love With The Biker” release tour. AiLwtB, besides having a big long title, is one of Entangled Publishing’s “What Happens in Vegas” stories, set at a Romance reader and writer’s convention…in Vegas.

At the start of the book, my heroine, Kellie, gets rear-ended (heh heh) by a hot, bad-ass biker on her way to the hotel, and hikinks ensue. 

Quinn Anderson is a hot bad-ass biker who really only looks bad. Like Jessica Rabbit, he’s just drawn that way. As my editor pointed out, all my heroes are just nice. And let’s face it—who wants a hero who’s a jerk? We can find enough of those in real life, unfortunately. 
On the other hand, there’s a difference between bad-tempered and bad-boyed. That troubled, misunderstood, wrong-side of the tracks, lost soul. The ex-con who might have actually committed a crime, but he’s a better man, now. The angry brawler who could go eleventeen rounds for a chance to treat his woman with kid gloves.  

There are some really awesome bad boy heroes on my comfort read shelves: The Duke of Jervaulx, from Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale was a serious butt-face before his own bad behavior brought him down. Then he became even worse, until a woman who understood him came along and helped him see the light. Then, of course, there’s Zsadist—JR Ward’s worst bad boy in a house full of dirty, rotten scoundrels. Talk about scary, and damaged, and…so freaking sweet that I cry every time I read that ending.  

As for TV…well, there’s Dean Winchester, of course. And Sawyer, from Lost. Um, Jax Teller, from Sons of Anarchy, and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones (yeah, I know he died pretty early in the series, but he was just freaking hot). But right now, I’d have to say my favorite bad boy is Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead. Granted, he needs to wash his hair at some point, but still. When the zombie apocalypse comes, that’s who I’m throwing in with. If Daryl dies, we all die. 

As for the big screen? Well, most of my favorites are old school…like, waay old school. Rhett Butler, from Gone With the Wind, or Stanley in A Street Car Named Desire. Whatever character James Dean played in anything. As for modern (at least, in color) bad boys? Johnny Depp’s Captain Hook. I mean…he’s a drunken idiot, but it’s Johnny Depp.

Who else do you think is a hot as freaking hot bad boy? Let me know!


Aspiring writer Kelli Dalton needs a man, and fast. When she’s rear-ended by a sexy-as-sin biker on the way to a Vegas romance readers convention, she sees her chance. If he’ll pose as her fake boyfriend long enough to impress a bestselling author, Kelli has a shot at saving the bookstore for underprivileged kids she runs back home. 

Quinn Anderson doesn’t know what to make of the cute little writer who stirs his heart and his libido, but he does know he wants to get better acquainted. And if that means keeping up their sexy ruse all week, he’s game. 

Quinn knows girl like Kelli deserves someone with a secure future to help with her store, not a guy struggling to turn a profit on his chopper shop. But if his motorcycle designs win the big Vegas competition, he’ll have enough prize money to fund his dreams…and hers.

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Teri Anne Stanley  began her writing career with scientific articles—followed by a three-ingredient recipe column, but wasn't allowed to write sex scenes for them—so now she writes fun, sexy romance filled love, angst and nekkid parts.
She's also worked as a fashion designer for female body builders and a sex therapist for rats. In her spare time, she is a neuroscience research assistant. Along with a variety of teenagers and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley live just outside of Sugartit, which is—honest to God—between Beaverlick, and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. 

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  1. Hijinks, "Hikinks" whatever! Oh, spell-check, you inconstant lover!

  2. Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under would be my choice for a bad boy who was actually a very good guy.

    1. Omigod, YES! I love Tom Selleck in general, and that was a good one!

  3. I have so many, but I love any of The Men Of Ink Series by Chelle Bliss, Saint Clay from Dirty Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde, Dr. Vincent from Curring Dr. Vincent series by Renea MAson! ❤️❤️❤️


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