Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stealing the Bachelor

For every beginning, there’s an end. The Stealing the Heart series kicked off with my debut novel, Stealing the Groom. I wrote that book for me because the characters were in my head. I started playing around with the whole best friends story and how I could add a twist. So that’s how it came about that the heroine groom-naps-(that’s not a word but eh) the hero.

The second book in the series was the story of the oldest sister. Then it was time to write the third and final book in the series, Stealing the Bachelor. Of the three Snyder sisters, Ann is the middle child.

The personality traits that are found in a middle child are often strengths that carry on into adulthood. Middle children can be more independent and I found that was the case with this heroine. Ann wanted to succeed on her own. She grew up in the shadow of her two sisters erroneously believing she wasn’t as pretty or as talented.

So she decided her big hurrah in life would be to have a successful business and that’s how she defined her self-worth. When the business is threatened by someone else’s sneaky dealings, Ann feels it deeply. The chocolate shop is a part of her identity. Losing it is something she’ll do anything to prevent.

That’s how the hero Eric enters her life. As an attorney, he has the skills she needs to get her and her chocolate shop out of trouble with the various agencies who raided the business. Since adorkable Eric has loved Ann since high school, he sees Ann’s need for help as a chance to get her to finally notice him. He thinks she’ll only notice him if he morphs into a bad boy-the kind of guy that Ann usually went for and that’s where the trouble starts for these two.


Mug shot. Orange jumpsuit. Details on the evening news.

I could go to prison. Ann Snyder took a deep breath to calm herself. She tried again to get the handcuffs clamped around her wrists off. They were part of a Halloween costume she planned to wear, and she’d put them on to see how she’d look when she was hauled off and locked away. Only now she couldn’t find the key. But that was the least of her worries right now.

She’d practically worn a hole in the hardwood flooring with all the pacing back and forth. She pivoted, then stopped abruptly. It was time to act. Knowing who she had to turn to didn’t make it any easier to swallow. She pressed a hand against her stomach, the handcuffs jiggling while her trepidation grew to the size of a small truck.
Usually, she was the calm one—if she didn’t count dumping a bowl of melted chocolate over Monica Sinclair’s head. But the woman had slept with Ann’s fiancĂ© and then gloated about it all over town. She’d waltzed into the chocolate shop recently and made snide comments about Ann having put on a few pounds. Monica had had the chocolate coming. Even after losing her fiancĂ© to a woman like that, Ann had tried to find the bright side, to look for the positives, the rainbow after the storm.

But there was absolutely nothing positive about what was happening now. She’d been stabbed in the back. Now, because of her misplaced trust, the business she loved could go belly up. For the love of her business—and for that reason only—she was ready to face attorney Eric Maxwell, the man she’d done her best to avoid since high school.

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