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What’s so Special about Sisters?

With: Nan Dixon

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I’m excited to celebrate the release of A SAVANNAH CHRISTMAS WISH Book 2 in the Fitzgerald House series with Just Contemporary Romance!  Thank you for having me here!

So why are sisters so special?

I have three sisters.  Two are older, one younger.  (She never lets us forget she is the youngest.)  Only two of us live in the same metropolitan area.  My other 2 sisters live 2 to 4 hours away.  But we are close. 

There are many reasons why we are so close.   One—we kept the family cabin and see each other during the summer.  That includes the oldest sister who moved down the lake instead of continuing to share.  (The sister cabin can sleep up to 20 if we cram them in.  Thank goodness there are 3 bathrooms.)  Two—we maintain a Sunday computer chat that has been going since 1997.  We may not get everyone there, but you can see what people have talked about by checking the chat room.  Three—we take an annual sister trip.

Our sister weekend started 25 years ago.  Back then our mother joined us.  A couple of time we even conned our father into paying for our weekends.  :) The Bahama cruise was a blast—except I struggled with seasickness.  It didn’t help that we were outrunning a hurricane. 

In the early years, we didn’t have a clear social director.  But when you have four type A personalities, something has to give.  We now have a social director.  They plan the whole weekend.  The other 3 sisters don’t know where they are going, but the social director is required to give clues and of course how to dress.  The clues get crazier and crazier each year, because who wants to be the one that had the sisters guess on the very first clue.

So in 2007, my turn rolled around.  I knew just where I wanted to go.  Somewhere we could walk on pieces of England, but not need out passports.  (River Street is paved with English fieldstone used as Ballast on ships.)  And pack water shoes that won’t float away.  (Kayaking off Tybee Island)  If you can’t guess, those were some of my clues.  
We ended up in Savannah.  And I fell in love with this quirky town.  The squares, fountains, statues, Spanish moss, Live oaks and ghost stories ignited my imagination.  What if sisters were turning their decaying family mansion into a Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the Savannah historic district?  Could they find their happily-ever-afters tied to the B and B? 
The Fitzgerald House series was born from that sister weekend. 

A Teaser:
Bess leaned her head on Abby’s shoulder. “I lose everything I love.”

Dolley stiffened. “What?”

Bess stared into her mug. No more wine. She used her hand to click a lock on her mouth. Her lips tingled. Almost as if Daniel had given her an awesome kiss.

Abby nudged her. “You can’t say something like that and not explain.”

“You guys know.” Bess nodded her head.

“Um, no.” Dolley added more wine to Bess’s mug and shoved it at her. “Talk.”

How could her sisters not know? “When I love something or someone—” she waved her hand “—not you guys, but other people, I lose them.”

Dolley and Abby both leaned over and stared into her face.

“What are you talking about?” Abby’s eyebrows pinched together.

“My bedroom.” Bess raised her hand.

“In your apartment?” Dolley asked.

“No. When I was eight. Daddy let me pick everything out. I had my great sleigh bed and the beautiful flowered wallpaper.” She sighed. “I loved my room.”

Her sisters frowned.

“Daddy died and I had to move in with Dolley. My room was the first room rented.”

“And because of a room, you can’t love anything?” Abby spoke as though she was talking to a child.

“Not just that.” Bess took a sip of wine, just because it was there. “There was...” She couldn’t talk about seducing Daniel and his rejection. “There was Eric and our business.”
Dolley rubbed her back. “He was a dweeb.”

“But I loved Eric. And I loved our business.” Why couldn’t they understand? “And there was my job with King’s Gardens and my apartment.”

“But last week you said you’re doing better without King’s Gardens.” Dolley’s curls bounced as she gave her head a sharp nod.

“Everything you’re describing is” Abby took her hand. “None of these things means you can never fall in love.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You have your happily-ever-after.” Bess tried to pull her hand away.

Abby held on. “Maybe Daniel wasn’t your happily-ever-after, but there’s someone else out there for you.”

Dolley took her other hand. “There is.”

“I didn’t know you were both such dreamers.”

But her sisters’ words had hope flowering in her chest. Could all the bad things have paved the way for her happiness? Maybe she should make a Christmas wish.
I want to find true love.

The Fitzgerald sisters will go to the wall for each other.  So will mine.

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