Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thankful For Love

With: Peggy Bird

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I love holidays. All of them. I love the fireworks on July Fourth, trick or treating on Halloween, cake on my birthday, latkes on Hanukkah and my Christmas tree.
What do I love about those red-letter days on the calendar? Where do I start? I have decorations to put out, recipes from my mother, my grandmother and my own invention to try. There are gifts to buy and parties to attend. Some holidays even come with their own TV shows and movies (“Love Actually,” anyone?)

The funny thing is, my favorite holiday doesn’t involve much of any of those things. It’s Thanksgiving. I have only a few modest fall-type decorations. There are no family recipes—I never did warm up to my Uncle Bill’s creamed onions. In fact, I don’t always cook dinner. Often I spend it with one of my daughters’ families. Sometimes, like this year, I spend it with a daughter at a resort.

It’s not the trappings and trimmings of Thanksgiving that I love. It’s the feeling of family and friends gathered together, reminding us once again how fortunate we are to have people around us who love us, a roof over our head and food on the table.

Not that I turn down turkey and dressing. And pumpkin pie (or “punkin pie” as my Philly roots would have it) is always good. But in the end, it’s the blessings of my life that make this holiday so special.

So, when I created my Holiday For Romance series, I knew the Thanksgiving book would be special to me. And so it is. The romance between Eastern Oregon rancher Jack Richardson and his “kid wrangler” Quanna Morales has to overcome quite a few hurdles, including anti-Indian prejudice, to work out. I loved telling their story. Fell hard for my hero and got accustomed to Quanna giving me advice on how to tell her side of the story. And I got to describe a Thanksgiving feast, complete with decorations and punkin pie! 

Here’s a taste of their story:
He walked quietly toward the kitchen door, enjoying what he saw, not wanting her to know he was there quite yet. Dressed in a tank top and shorts, not her usual jeans and T-shirt, she had what seemed like miles of coppery skin on display. She was so damn beautiful it made his heart ache. In the months she’d been working for him her open and loving ways with his sons had made her such an integral part of the family he didn’t know what they would do if she left.
Which made his attraction to her dangerous. Not only was she young but she was too important to him, to his kids, to risk it all because he found her so alluring. Besides, maybe she’d get pissed if he asked her out. Maybe she’d be repulsed. Okay, he knew that probably wasn’t true. Even if he wasn’t about to confess it to Sam, once or twice he thought he’d seen her look at him as more than her boss. Maybe more than once or twice, although it could have been his imagination. Or wishful thinking.
Either she sensed his presence or his jumbled thoughts had resulted in some noise emanating from him because without warning she whirled around, the knife she was using pointed at him.
“Oh, God, Jack. You scared me.” One hand held the knife; the other was covering her heart. Which, of course, drew his attention to her breast. Her nipple peeked through the thin cotton of her top, daring him to reach out, to touch.
He struggled to get his mind, and his eyes, off that tempting bit of flesh. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. I tried to make some noise when I came in so you’d know someone was in the house.” It was a lie but he didn’t want her to know he’d been staring at her.


Eastern Oregon rancher Jack Richardson needs someone to wrangle his two sons, and Quanna Morales is the available candidate. She needs a steady job badly, so she jumps on the opportunity, even though she's focused on her education and busy helping her mother take care of her disabled brother.

Jack and Quanna can't fight their attraction, but Quanna worries his family and friends will exhibit the anti-Indian prejudice she's only too used to encountering. And if things go badly between them, Quanna will not be able to help support her family and the boys will have lost yet another mother figure. When her worst fears come true and a feud erupts at the Thanksgiving table, will Jack be able to convince her that their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle?

Sensuality Level: Sensual 

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  1. Sounds like real-life struggles to me. So glad that love prevails in the books we read (and you write). Thanks! (Maureen has my email.)

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