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When Angela first mentioned the “Thankful” blog, several ideas came to mind. Now that I’m writing it, I find the things I’m thankful for are endless. So, I’m picking a few, knowing another item will no doubt nag me for not mentioning it.

First and foremost, I’m thankful for God, my family, and friends. I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and three lovely daughters; each of them is as beautiful inside as out. With my youngest in college, I’ve embarked on the writing journey full time. In the writing world, each day brings new meaning and new life to my attitude toward my craft. Some days, I’m feeling great, like I finally understand this writing stuff, my voice is coming through, and I’m finding my way. Then there are other days where the words may not come, or if they do, they’re not good. Or a not-so-good review is posted, either from a person who obviously is having a bad day or his or her comment is something I need to give credence to. During these times, and the reason for this blog, I’m grateful I have my writing friends. Not just the ones that are writers, editors, or cover artists, but also the ones that are more than willing to read my work, talk through issues within a story, and setup book tours. Each of these friends are some of the most understanding, compassionate people I’ve met. They are more than willing to go out of their way in whatever endeavor I'm working on, give advice to help me grow, and speak words of encouragement to aid me over the humps in the road. And sometimes, give me a kick in the butt and demand that I am true to my voice.
To all these cherished people, Thank you!

DIVINE, Montana Dreams Book 1 November 23, 2015

Divine for headhunter

On sale until November 30, 2015

Divine's Blurb: Matt Carson and Trina Lovett befriend each other during turbulent times at a young age. Over the years, their friendship strengthens building a strong, unbreakable bond. At least that is what they believe. Life choices put an ocean between them, and the depth of their bond is tested. Under the stress of being apart, heart-wrenching events leave them plagued with doubt. Danger forces them to make irrefutable decisions about what they want from life. 

Divine’s Book Trailer: 

Divine Excerpt: Matt’s throat clogged, and tears burned his eyes. He waited so long, wanted her so much, he couldn’t move, couldn’t process what he saw. Didn’t know what he felt. He’d longed to pull her into his arms, hold, and kiss her until they both melted into a pile. Now that she was here, he couldn’t. Too many unanswered questions. 

 Moisture covered her cheeks and chin. A god-awful sound escaped her. “Matt,” she said through her hands and sobbing. “Oh, God, Matt!” But she didn’t move. 

 Jeez, he wanted her. “Trina,” he said again, too shocked to think of anything else. He dreamed, hoped she’d come to him, and still, in his wildest imagination, he didn’t believe the day would ever arrive. Bradley told him she was doing better. He thanked the stars every night, but he didn’t go to her. Couldn’t, not with how callously the Lovetts treated him. She had to decide what she wanted. He wouldn’t push it. No matter how much he wanted her, he wouldn’t impede on her relationship with her parents. By no means were they nice, and he questioned their motives more than once, but they were her parents. At least she had them. 

 “I have so much to explain, so much to tell you.” 

 His body zinged from the desperation in her voice and came to life. “I want to hear every word.” He couldn’t resist touching her and moved forward. His desire to reach her crashed into him with such force, any minute he’d leap and land on top of her. “But first—” 

Reviews: “Divine by Cait Jarrod, is one of the best heartwarming books I have read this year. I was on the edge of my seat all the way through, it was never boring. The characters were so well written, you felt like you knew them.” ~Rhonda Ziglar, Goodreads reviewer “I was astounded at how easy it was to connect with the characters. Cait's insightful writing made me feel their emotions and believe their reactions the whole time.” ~Lea Bronsen, award-winning author More reviews can be found on Goodreads.

The Montana Dreams Series:

Divine, #1: November 23, 2015 Destiny, #2: December 14, 2015 Desire, #3: January 18, 2016 Desire-Customdesign-JayAheer2015-banner3-mountain

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