Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Enemies to Lovers

Is it just me or is there something deeply satisfying about enemies-to-lovers stories? I can’t get enough of them.  They’re my favorite stories to read and write. Why? Maybe it’s the push-pull between the hero and the heroine. Maybe it’s the snarky banter. Or maybe it’s the sizzling bedroom scenes. We all like those, right?

For me, it doesn’t get any better than crafting a story where an unlikely couple have to fight their way to happily ever after, letting go of their misconceptions along the way and admitting that maybe—just maybe—their snap judgements of the other person were plain old wrong. That’s the fun of enemies-to-lovers. The trope lends itself so well to those visceral responses that draw us into the story, creating conflict and humor and characters we love—or love to hate.

Chloe Jacobs, the heroine in my latest novel, Once Upon a Power Play, finds herself the object of desire for one of the NHL’s hottest players, Ryan Douglas, a man who pushes all of her buttons—on purpose—and who’s not afraid to play dirty when it comes to romance. This was such a fun story to write because Chloe has this spunky, no BS attitude and gives as good as she gets when it comes to Ryan. The two managed to get themselves into some very fun, very naughty situations on the road to happily ever after and I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do next.

When you’re dealing with a power play, only one team can have the advantage… Will it be team Jacobs or team Douglas?

Excerpt from Once Upon a Power Play
Chloe eyed the shot of Patron that sat in front of her and decided she was done cutting Ryan a break. She was sympathetic to his injury, the paparazzi, and even his bitchy ex-girlfriend, but she wasn’t letting him off the hook entirely. He was still an ass. And if he called her—
“Half-pint princess, are you sure you can handle that shot?” he asked, his eyes dancing with laughter. He leaned over, crowding her with his massive body. Heat radiated from him, and thanks to her choice of dress, she was annoyingly aware of it, craving to touch that feverish skin of his. The man had balls, she’d give him that much at least. Not only did he have the audacity to blackmail her into this stupid date, now he was making fun of her. It was time to get back the upper hand.

“Sweetie, I may be small, but I can handle my liquor.” She brought his hand to her mouth and licked the stretch of skin between his thumb and forefinger, her tongue darting out seductively. Ryan followed her every move, his eyes glued to her as she sprinkled salt on the slick spot and grabbed a lime. Licking the salt from his hand with a slow drag of her tongue, she slammed the Patron and bit into the lime, sucking on it very deliberately as she withdrew it from her lips. The alcohol burned its way to her belly, taking the edge off her nerves. Trailing a manicured nail down his chest, she pulled out the sexiest smile in her arsenal. “I can go one for one all night long. Can you?”

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