Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fortunetelling Fun

With: Ines Saint

We’ve all heard that truth is often stranger than fiction, and I think most of us would agree this is a pretty accurate statement. Think about the city, town, or neighborhood you live in. I’m sure there are plenty of strange and fun facts that could be spun into stories.

Right now, I live in the place where gypsies found a home, man learned to fly, and aliens were rumored to be stored. I love all of these little facts, but when it came time to create an elderly, quirky, meddlesome, and matchmaking character, I decided to draw on our region’s gypsy heritage. The result was a gypsy descendant who swears she’s finally coming into her powers. Here are some basic descriptions, and a few observations, of four of the divination methods used by Ruby Meriwether and her cronies in the Spinning Hills series:

Tasseography: Most fortunetellers who use this method will ask you to drink the tea and then swirl the leaves in the remaining liquid. They then analyze the pattern of the tea leaves to divine your future. They may see a ring, crossbones, a key, etc. In Needs a Little TLC, Ruby and her cohorts happen to see phallic symbols. 

Tarot cards reveal the future to a person who is adept at reading the illustrations on the cards that are dealt. My college roommate once brought me along to a tarot card reading, and watching my friend’s face as the cards were drawn was the most interesting part of the experience. Her boyfriend at the time had brown hair, yet she seemed more interested in the blonde the tarot reader revealed. There was also something about a red car that made my friend look scared. My friend’s mother was a particularly perceptive person and I could just imagine the grilling and confessing that would’ve come about if her mother had been the one to accompany her. In my experience, gifted grilling is the best fortunetelling method of all.

Cowrie Shells: The person with the question is supposed to toss the shells. The shells fall in one of two ways— with the open sides up or down— and the way they land points the fortuneteller to the question’s answer.

Analyzing cravings. Have you ever felt as if you would die for a taste of something sweet or a bite of something crunchy? There has to be something to those cravings, right? Science tells us our bodies might be in need of magnesium or salt, but our mothers or grandmothers would probably sit us down and ask us (or tell us) what was wrong if they caught us cuddling with a pint of ice cream and a bag of chips.

Have you ever had your fortune told? Did anything that was predicted come true?

Author Bio:
InĂ©s Saint was born in Zaragoza, Spain. She’s bilingual and bicultural and has spent the last decade raising her fun, inspiring little boys and sharing her life with the man of her dreams. Her greatest joy is spending quality time with the family members and close friends who happen to provide the inspiration for both the nutty and wise things her characters say and do.

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The Amador brothers are committed to a new beginning for their quirky, storybook town. But they’re learning that every house needs a heart to be a home…

Growing up, Cassie McGillicuddy was the one person who consistently made Sam Amador lose his steadfast outward cool. She was always full of both brilliant and harebrained ideas, and being around her had made him feel more alive.

Until her biggest harebrained idea of them all. Asking him to teach her how to be a good kisser. Soon after, they’d broken each other’s hearts, and she’d disappeared.

But now Cassie was back. And she meant business.

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