Monday, August 24, 2015

To wild thang or not to wild thang in the guest bedroom?

With: Siera London

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Hello JCR! I’m sending a down home, from the front porch, Southern wave straight at you! 

I’ve been traveling around the country and abroad for the last five months. For most of our travels we stayed in hotels, but on occasion family and friends offered us a guest bedroom. So, this brings me to my topic of discussion. Is it appropriate to have sex in the guest bedroom?

There's something kind of naughty about doing the horizontal mambo in someone else's bed. I don’t know about you, but fooling around in a new location is like sampling a forbidden fruit. It makes me feel carefree, sexy, and dare I say it–emboldened. I know you’re probably thinking its the same fruit I have at home, but in my defense–its in a new container.  

 But what’s a loving  couple to do when  a continuous loop of Let’s Get It On is playing in your head and the temporary love den is nestled between your best friend’s grandfather with the hum of his CPAP machine and the newborn twins with matching footed pajamas? Should I unpack the amber vanilla room spray and the noise canceling ear buds and start my funky good time until our host bangs on the door?

In Convincing Lina, my heroine Lina James is faced with a similar dilemma. To wild thang or not to wild thang when you are a guest…that is the question.

Book 2 in the Bachelors of Shell Cove series.

Lina James, psychiatric nurse and self-proclaimed independent woman isn’t going to allow another man to walk out of her life. Her love is officially off the market. She’s declared a preemptive strike on the male species with a man-fast. There’s just one glitch in Lina’s detox plan–Gideon. Her blood sugars spikes remembering the one kiss they shared.

Gideon Rice, is a veteran Marine and respected psychiatrist with more emotional wounds than his patients. He lives his life in camouflage–a wall between his rejection filled past and his new life ensures the two worlds never intersect. Gideon’s life plan is simple–give wounded warriors a place to heal and convince Lina James she’s the only woman for him.

When Lina’s past brings danger to her doorstep, she’s forced to accept Gideon’s help. His tender touch and determination to keep her safe, rocks the foundation of her man-fast, but she’s determined to resist her cravings.

How will she keep him at arms length when he is the safe haven she’s always wanted?

In a high stakes game of cat and mouse, how will they find the courage to risk their hearts in a fight for their lives?
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Siera London, a former naval officer, is a writer of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. A native Floridian, her love of coastal towns and bustling cities shines through in her sassy and sexy storytelling. Currently she resides in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband and a color patch tabby that has free reign of the house.

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  1. Interesting post, thanks for sharing. As for "the horizontal mambo in someone else's bed/house", I don't think that's something I would do (I'm very squeamish about things like that), but I certainly don't mind when characters do that :)


    P.S. I have subscribed to the newsletter

    1. Hi Natalija,

      I love it when characters get naughty, too.



  2. not okay


    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Got it, no amber scented candles and accompanying earbuds allowed in the guest room. :-) Siera


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