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Bonded 2

With: Sara York

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I want to thank for having me on the blog. Each year in the Spring The MM group on Goodreads hosts a free read event. In 2014 I chose a very hot prompt with three guys. From that prompt Bonded was born. The prompt inspired three great characters, Liam, Greg, and Chris, with hurts and hang-ups that leave them devastated. Only the three of them together in a relationship can solve the problems that plague them.

With Bonded 2 I took Liam, Chris, and Greg deeper, bringing about Liam’s worst fears. He’s confronted head on with his parents’ hate and their manipulations. Liam is devastated, and Greg and Chris aren’t much better, but they have to stay strong for Liam.

Writing Bonded and Bonded 2 was journey into complex emotions. The characters have twists and turns that heal their hurts and bring about a new understanding in their lives. 

I’ve been asked many times why I write gay characters. I’ve always found that writing male characters is easier for me. My first book, Murder Stalks, focuses on Tony, a cop in south Texas. In Smooth Lies I did focus more on Sophia, the heroine, but writing male comes more naturally for me. The first M/M story I penned was Selling It, a suspense novel based on teen prostitution and focusing on one tough cop. Next I wrote Surprise Sleepover and Working It Out, both gay fiction.

One of my favorite series I’ve written was the Texas Soul Series, based on a group of gay cowboys. Writing about cowboys was a natural progression for me since I grew up on a cattle ranch.

I love to delve deep into a story and when I focus on writing my passion the stories flow easier. With the Bonded books, the emotions of the guys were what drove the story. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Bonded 2

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Chapter One

Liam Muller pressed his back against the cinderblock wall and shook his head, searching for the words that would make this police officer realize his parents were wrong. He had to convince the cop his mom and dad didn’t know what they were talking about. No one was abusing him and he wasn’t delusional, but standing here in this little room, listening to his mom go on about his supposed failings, might make him crazy.

No one was listening to him. No matter what he said, they twisted his words, making his situation look worse than it really was. Even if he gave them proof, he felt nothing would change what was happening in this small space with both of his parents, a doctor, and the scary cop who had his hand on the butt of his gun.

Yesterday he’d received a call from his parents. His grandmother had passed away, and they wanted him at the funeral. Greg had been away on a business trip when Liam had received the news, and Chris had a hell of a workload, forcing him to stay home. The plan had been that he’d fly into Jackson, Mississippi, and meet Greg at the airport, but a delay in Chicago had kept Greg grounded. Liam hadn’t figured out the change in plans until he was off the plane, staring at the boards hanging in the terminal that showed which planes had landed and which ones were late.

After figuring out Greg wasn’t going to meet him, he decided to leave the terminal, grab his suitcase from the luggage carousel, and find a hotel. His plans were to call Greg once he checked in and settled in his room. When he stepped outside of the secured area of the airport, he saw his parents at baggage claim, his dad with a frown on his face and his mom dressed in a denim jumper, her hair wound so tight in a bun he wondered if her face would crack. Neither of them even tried to hug him, not once.

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