Monday, July 6, 2015

Baseball: It’s all about Traditions

With: Rhonda Shaw

Baseball is layered in traditions.  It’s America’s national pastime and deeply rooted in its customs.  No matter what park you go to across this amazing nation, the same baseball traditions are practiced throughout the league, no matter what.  Even some non-fans will recognize some of the traditions observed throughout the game.

There’s the ceremonial first pitch.  In every game, someone is selected to throw out the first pitch of the game.  It can be a well-known celebrity, or someone who is a local hero, but no matter what, the game doesn’t start until that first pitch is thrown.

The food!  You think of baseball and automatically you think hot dogs, beer, peanuts and Cracker Jack.  No matter where you go, you know you will find these staples.

Between the top and bottom halves of the seventh inning, everywhere across the nation, people stand while “Take Me out to the Ball Game” blares out of the speakers.  Even if you don’t know the words, you’re standing and enjoying the seventh inning stretch.

There are other traditions—the signing of the national anthem before every game (which baseball helped to start this tradition after World War I), the mascots and their silly antics, and for the old timers, manually keeping a scorecard—the list can go on and on.  Other sports have their traditions as well, but none that are as deeply ingrained into the American culture as those found in baseball.  

What traditions do you like most in baseball (or your favorite sport)?


Book three of Men of the Show

Shannon Morrison’s dreams of becoming a lawyer are finally coming true.  After landing a job at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, she’s willing to sacrifice everything, including putting her personal life on hold, as nothing will stand in her way of making partner.  Nothing except perhaps the gorgeous Detroit Rockets’ All-Star catcher, Matt Buck.

Just when he didn’t think his luck would turn around, life finally throws Matt a fastball right down the middle, reconnecting him with the one girl who has always intrigued him.  As before, the timing isn’t right, but Matt refuses to let this opportunity pass him by again.  He knows Shannon’s career leaves little room for anything else in her life, but he’s unwilling to give in and will do whatever he can to make them work.

Together, Matt and Shannon struggle through one hurdle after another, determined to find a way to have everything they want.  Just when they’ve finally figured it out, someone from Matt’s past shatters everything, and leaves them both grappling to pick up the pieces…

Author Bio:
Rhonda owes her love of reading to her mother who would read to her each night before bed and sometimes give into her pleads for more than one chapter. These days, if Rhonda doesn't have a book in her hands, it feels like something is missing. While romance is her true passion, Rhonda enjoys reading multiple genres.

Born in California, but transplanted to the Midwest, Rhonda is warm weather girl to the bone (even years later, winter and her are not on speaking terms) and loves nothing more than a balmy, summer evening. She and her husband are diehard fans of pretty much all sports, but especially for their hometown Detroit teams. Rhonda received a bachelor's in Human Resources Development and continued onto a master's in Marriage and Family Counseling before making a drastic career switch into computer technology. She started out as a website developer and made her way up into management where she now spends most of her days in meetings. Rhonda was a life-long dancer before her body told her she needed to come down off her toes and wrap it up. She also loves all animals--especially moose. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of America.

Rhonda loves to hear from readers, so please visit her website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Thank you for having me today! So happy to be here with everybody. :)

  2. I love baseball, too. I do love the traditions and history. I love that while it seems like nothing is happening in a low scoring game, there's actually an epic battle between pitcher and batter. I love putting up bunting on Opening Day and celebrating the day pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training (even though my editor doesn't believe it's a holiday and therefore should not be capitalized.) I love the tradition of bringing your glove to the ballpark and maybe, just maybe, catching a fly ball. I love listening to the games and the stories that are woven by the announcers between pitches.

    As you can see, I love baseball.

    Your book sounds like one I'd enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Kristina! I agree...there's so much that goes on at games, and even around the sport in general. As for fly balls, I actually did a blog post about this. I'm one of the people who run in the opposite direction of them (Rhonda = wimp!). lol


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