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Life Does Not Always Go As Planned

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Alex Donahue’s life did not go as planned. She had planned on raising her daughter with a devoted and loving husband. She had planned on a life of security and happiness. She had planned on being logically in control.

She was wrong.

Sometimes however, the roads that are first thought to be difficult, turn out to be unexpectedly sublime.

Alex, a divorced single mom, decides to take a job with RGC when she realizes that her marriage is circling the drain. She does well in her job and is chosen to take over the operations of the company’s foundation. The job is exciting, and fulfilling, as she works with the president, Murphy Finch, to award millions of dollars to organizations.

Once again, her life takes a new turn as she falls in love with Murphy. Even though she and Murphy have an almost uncontrollable passion, Murphy has a strict policy of never dating employees. 

Alex tries to move on and meets a wonderful man, Tony Rosen, a pediatric oncologist working in a project funded by the foundation. Their romance is fun and tender, but Alex cannot get Murphy out of her thoughts, even when she is with Tony.

Creating her new life, including selling the home she thought would be forever, is often heart breaking:

    Room by room the house emptied, almost shooing her out, eager, she supposed, for new people to bring some happiness to it. She walked through the hollow rooms and touched the walls, the places where things had been, where people had stood, and leaned, and laughed. The thin ghosts of the past were now gone forever. She touched, then let go, realizing that she wasn’t letting go of the past, but was releasing her dreams of what she thought would be.

Like Alex, Murphy is tormented by the fact that he is losing her, and that they seem to be in an impossible situation. He can’t stop thinking about her:

    “I thought of you, when I was in Japan. It was a beautiful sunset. So, so beautiful, and I just kept thinking of you, at the park, the sun setting, wind blowing your hair.”
    “Murphy, I don’t think this is good for us.”
    “And yet, you still have your arms around me.”
She could feel his heart pounding through her chest. He kissed her cheek, then her eyebrows, then her jaw.
    The deep love she saw in his eyes was equal to the depth of her fear. To love him and lose him, and to lose her security and Jessie’s future, was something she couldn’t allow…but she ached for him.
    “Tell me how to make this work, please Alex. Just tell me.”
    He kissed her hair and moved his hands to the sexy, curved small of her back. 
    “This can’t work, we know it can’t.”
    “Kiss me,” he whispered. “Alex, you are so…kiss me.”
    “You’ll have to fire me before I can.”
    It came out sounding mean and bitter, not at all how she had planned.

    When Tony suddenly enters her life she discovers that she is attracted to him, even though she cannot stop dreaming and fantasizing about Murphy.

    He got up and slid in next to her, his arm around her shoulders, eating her soup. 
    “This is very good, and you have the prettiest eyes and sexiest lips I have ever seen. If I were Murphy I’d break the damn rules…in a heartbeat. He’s a fool. You’re nuts about him, aren’t you?”
    “I love my job, I desperately need this job. And he has told me that he never dates staff.”
    “How long since you’ve made love, Alex?”
    “I can’t tell you…”
    “I can tell you, it’s been since you separated with your husband. And you want to make love…right now…so much.”
    “You’re seducing me.”
    “I know.”

I love the characters in this sweet romance, filled with passion and angst. The characters “speak” to me, telling me what they will do next, how they will feel and more. The influence of Derrick, the deceptions and lies as he puts his con in place, are not only designed to bring him six figure and possibly more as he sets up a fake charity, but he also relishes the idea of framing “Saint Alex” by making his scheme appear to be her idea.

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  1. Unexpected Lovers is so true. I have planned my life of what I will be doing and time when I should have achieved them. I just didn't plan on interlopers disrupting my plans. Yes, they are my parents, sisters, and rivals from work. But then again, I have to see the bright side of things that they wouldn't be worth the achievement if my plans were just too easy.



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