Monday, May 25, 2015

A Holiday to Remember

Congratulations to Jo-Anne, Bn100 and Colleen C., the winners in Cheryl's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Memorial Day is an occasion for Americans to stop and remember the sacrifices military men and women and their families have made for their country. Whether we spend the day floating on a wave or grilling outdoors with family or stretched out under the air conditioner with a good book, it’s important that we never forget why we have the freedom to do so. Some people are lucky enough to kick off summer with a long weekend. The rest of us will be working, but even so, there’s time to welcome summer with baseball or cookouts or the first road trip of the season. It’s a great holiday to appreciate all the sweet things in life, large and small.

No doubt some of the bookworms out there (me! me!) have grand intentions to clear the to-be-read pile. Or…you could just add more books! I want to tell you about a sweet deal, 14 stories by some really great authors (and me), on sale now for only 99 cents. If you want a sexy summer story to kick off the season of sunshine, give the Summer Lovin’ anthology a shot. My story, “Most Likely to Turn up the Heat,” features a sassy secretary with a “No Soldiers, No Cops, No Coworkers” dating policy, a grumpy security guard whose only goal is to return to the police force, and a Memorial Day cookout.

To celebrate, I’d like to give away 2 ebooks (Kindle or Nook). Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve done to celebrate the beginning of summer or to commemorate the service of our military men and women.

Excerpt from “Most Likely to Turn Up the Heat” in the Summer Lovin’ anthology (14 sexy summer contemporary stories)

Max’s rough chuckle was loud in the silence between them. “Winner chooses the spoils. You and me. Dinner.”

“Are you sure you’re the winner?” Sue pursed her lips. “Maybe we’re still playing.”

“I’m not.” Max took her hand in his, reminded of the hot thrill of holding her hand while he ran a finger under the hem of her skirt. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“I wish I knew the answer.” Sue stepped closer, pulled his head down, and kissed him. Whenever he’d imagined a clench like this with her, it had been hot. But in the dusty gravel lot of the Two Step, she burned him alive. Her lips were sweet against his, but when he teased into her open mouth, she returned the favor. Each brush of her tongue lit a spark.

Pulling her closer was the only option. When she shifted against him, each graze of her soft stomach robbed his brain of important blood flow. The giggles of a group of women walking to their cars, none of whom he recognized, got his attention through the haze of heat.

“Where’s a fireman when you need him?” Sue whispered. “My underwear is smoking.”

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  2. To celebrate the beginning of summer (or better weather) I packed away my winter clothes and got out the summer/spring ones. It's not much of a celebration but it lifted my spirits.


  3. A family tradition is always to put out our large sized American flag... we fly the regular sized one year round, but for those special holidays, we fly the large one. In the past, we would celebrate at the firehouse that my father is a member of... they have this stone monument and perform a ceremony where each name on the plague gets a flower placed in their honor. Have not been there in a few years... miss it.


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