Thursday, April 9, 2015

What Makes Men Sexy?

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As a writer I often think about what makes my lead men sexy. I cast my characters as if my story is a movie, sometimes even choosing actors from the past. 

In my most recent short story, Heat, two women and two men are about to meet. One of the women, Anita, has recently become blind and believes she will never find anyone to love, and to love her. Her friend, Grace, won’t let her give up and talks her into trying online dating. Anita connects with a mysterious man named Steve, who keeps referring to his friend, Murphy. When Anita meets Steve there is instant heat between them, but, what happens next surprised them all.

As I mentioned above, I “cast” my characters, and chose these two awesome actors for Heat:

Heat is a must read. (Spice up your lunch hour or commute!)

After casting my sexy, seductive Heat characters, I did some trolling on the net to see how others determine What Makes Men Sexy? See if you agree…

Personality—can speak on many topics, and listens. 
Look good—smell better*—good grooming, dresses with care, a subtle aroma (that might linger.)
Musical rhythm—interested in a variety of music, sways to the beat, doesn’t have to be a great dancer, but music can be used in private, wonderful moments.
Size matters—too big or too small can be a problem, however, “A sexy guy will use his entire body to enjoy a sensual experience anyway, and won't care that his penis isn't the size of a telephone pole.”

From What Makes a Man Sexy, Rachelle Arlin Credo, on
Masculinity—“being masculine does not merely suggest flaunting a large build or a protective quality but having this natural instinctive masculine self to trigger women's instinctive feelings of attraction.”
Smile—if it’s natural, or, perhaps, communicates hidden messages.
Eye Contact---can be so seductive.
*Aromatic sense.
Sense of Style--expresses himself in his own style, showing his confidence.
Communication skills—reflecting his intellect and being able to read unspoken as well as spoken messages.
Sensitivity--not too much (can be so annoying and fake) or too little—why waste your time.
Sense of Humor-– a wonderful bond-making trait, laughter releases the “feel good” hormones in us. Combined with other attractive points humor can make a good guy great.
Oddity-- Unique and interesting, (not absurd or embarrassing.)

Rachelle Arlin Credo makes a final point that is so important, when a man feels genuinely sexy then he probably is, to some women, at least. “They just have to feel that in themselves so the seething sexiness comes out of them naturally.”

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