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Vanilla Erotic…How low can you go?

Okay let’s get this out in the open right now. I write sexy romances. Really sexy romances. No closing the bedroom door for me. I stick with the action from first kiss to murmured endearments to the big O.  I happen to think that’s part of the fun, not only the foreplay, verbal and physical, but the, ahem, consummation. I was ahead of my time as a reader on that front—I always wanted those Harlequins to go just a little bit further—and when I started to write I simply filled in the blanks myself in a lot of my favorite scenarios. Alpha CEO hooks up with uptight good girl for a night and shows her how to relax. Multi-talented computer genius takes sweet unsuspecting boss for the ride of her life and pushes all her buttons. 

These days, I’m technically classified as an erotic romance writer. But every once and a while, that label gets me into trouble.  Readers expect something that’s not there. Because though my love scenes are in my own humble opinion incredibly hot, they are also mostly what they call “vanilla sex.” When I first got that comment, a reviewer said the romantic scenes were so hot and well written that even though the sex was vanilla it felt “decadent and even a little kinky at times.” I appreciated the compliment, but was also a little mystified. That was vanilla? I mean, I’d included almost everything a man and a woman could do. I was even blushing writing it.

But it was what I didn’t include that made me vanilla. No trapezes or sex toys or public exhibitionism. Part of the problem is that when I envision leather collars and whips, I, er, laugh, so I don’t think I’m the one to write those kind of scenes. And as to third parties in the bedroom, another expectation for erotic romance sometimes, I tried a ménage a trois once—wait, quick correction!—I mean I tried writing one once. But it felt a little crowded. I don’t think my heroes like to share. 

So there you have it. I guess I am vanilla. Yet the romance in my books is way, way, way beyond Harlequin in its day. It’s hot and sexy and—as one nice reader put it of my most recent, Tempting the Corporate Spy—“panty-melting hot.” So does erotic mean only kinky or can vanilla sex be so hot it qualifies?  Take a look at my bedroom scenes and decide for yourself! 


He’s stealing more than her heart…

Whiz kid Liv Altman is working on Internet anti-piracy software that could be huge. It could also be dangerous. And someone wants it badly enough to blackmail only the very best hacker—the infamous and reclusive Jonathon Crestwell—into stealing it…

Liv usually has no trouble ignoring the computer geeks she works with every day, but her new corporate consultant is definitely not easy to ignore. He’s tall and dead hot, with deep blue eyes that make Liv think the naughtiest of HR-violating thoughts. When she finds him unexpectedly in her office one evening, things take a turn for the sexier. But come morning, Liv will discover the truth about her new employee…and what he reallywants.

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Angela Claire, like most writers, grew up loving to read, which led to a degree in English literature, which in turn led to unemployment. Not having been born to wealth, Angela developed a more practical plan for eating and paying her rent—hence the dreaded and expected descent into law school and inevitable career as a lawyer. Once she paid off her pesky yet massive student loans, Angela saved for an escape from the law profession one day. Now a multi-published author, she does what she loves, but with a little less leeway on the eating and paying rent thing. She is represented by Maureen Walters at Curtis Brown, LTD.

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