Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Little Things That Make You Swoon

With: Jane Peden

            Grand gestures are wonderful, but I’ve always found that it’s the sweet little things that make you swoon.  And make you fall in love.  Breakfast in bed. . . A sexy little note you slip into your guy’s pocket. . . The time when I was first dating my husband and he suddenly ran through traffic on a busy Philadelphia intersection to bring me back a single red rose from a street vendor.

In my debut book, The Millionaire Lawyer’s Unexpected Proposal, Sam already knows that Camilla is a sexy, confident woman.  He also thinks she’s a calculating gold digger who’s only interested in his money, and he’s not sure how much she really cares about the child she kept hidden from him for almost five years, or the younger sister who was left in her care. 

But when he steps into his kitchen to find her making pancakes in the shapes of letters in her son’s and her sister’s names, he feels a sudden tug at his heart.  No one ever did anything like that for him when he was a child.  And when she slides pancakes in the shape of S, A, and M onto his plate, not even Sam’s cynical heart can resist melting just a bit.
Has anyone ever melted your heart with a sweet little gesture that made you want to swoon?


His marriage of inconvenience…

Camilla Winthrop is about to do something she's never done in her life—she's about to ask a man to marry her. Not just any man. She hasn't seen Sam Flanagan in almost five years, after he coldly walked away from a passionate and intense two-week affair. Now Camilla is widowed and desperate…and marrying Sam is the only way she can protect their son.

The son he never knew about. 

A hugely successful attorney in Miami, Sam certainly never expected to see the stunning Camilla come through his door again. Nor can he ignore the desire heating his blood. But after she tells him her situation, Sam is furious. He'll marry her, but under his terms. And he'll take everything, including Camilla in his bed…unless she can find a way to thaw the millionaire's icy heart once more.

Sam started toward the shower, then changed direction when he heard laughter downstairs. The closer he got to the kitchen, the stronger the tempting smells became. He walked in to see Camilla lifting what looked like oddly shaped pancakes off the griddle on the center island, onto plates. She was wearing a white chef’s apron, and the counter was cluttered with bowls and utensils and canisters of flour and sugar, and cartons of milk and eggs. He could smell vanilla and cinnamon and other flavors he couldn’t identify. His usually pristine kitchen looked like a disaster, but it smelled like heaven. His stomach rumbled again.

JD was perched on a stool enthusiastically dumping strawberry syrup on what appeared, on closer inspection, to be two pancakes shaped like the letters J and D.

“Sam!” JD shouted, as Camilla lifted a giant O pancake onto Olivia’s plate. JD bounced off the barstool and ran over to grab Sam’s arm with his small, sticky hands, pulling him farther into the kitchen. “Mommy makes the bestest pancakes in the whole world.”

Sam sat on a stool and watched little bubbles appear and pop on the oversize S, A, and M and Camilla expertly flip them over.

By the time he finished eating the third complete spelling of his name he decided it might be interesting to get home around dinnertime once in a while and find out what was going on in his own kitchen.
Camilla laughed at something JD said and reached up and brushed her hair back behind her ear, leaving a faint smudge of flour. She looked over at Sam.

“So what was your favorite breakfast when you were a kid?”

The question caught him off guard. “What? Why?”

“So I can make it for you, silly.” The look she gave him, just so natural and guileless, made something twist in Sam’s gut and for a moment he felt shaken and off-balance.

“I don’t know. Cereal.”

“Well, that’s boring. So what’s your favorite breakfast now?”

My name spelled in pancakes, he almost said. But that would be ridiculous. He wasn’t four years old.

Author Bio
Jane Peden is the pen name of a Florida trial attorney who writes sexy contemporary romances set in the exciting South Florida city of Miami, where millionaire lawyers live extravagant lifestyles and find love when they least expect it. When Jane isn’t in court, you can find her at the beach with her laptop, dreaming up stories about successful, confident men who know what they want and how to get it, and smart, sexy women who demand love on their own terms.  Jane lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and a fish.  Jane writes for Entangled Publishing, and her debut novel, The Millionaires’ Unexpected Proposal, will be released through Entangled’s Indulgence line on March 31, 2015. 


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