Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perks of Being a Romance Author: Looking at Hot Guys!

Okay, okay, give me a break. I’m a romance writer. I write about heroes, and they happen to be hot by default.  So, you can say I have the best job ever. I mean, who else gets to Google “hot guys” for research purposes and then create desirable characters that—hopefully—readers can fall in love with? 

It’s about having a visual image. It’s about matching the character to a face and body. I’ve actually spent hours trying to get the right match. I know, poor me! When I created Jacob Moreau for Left to Forever, I sat staring off into space trying to visualize what he would look like. I knew certain things: he was tall, had the body of a soccer player (particularly his bum), had dynamic eyes that were sometimes brown and sometimes green, had golden bed-head hair perfect for running fingers through, and had a face that was so handsome you had to look away. Jensen Ackles was the most perfect match as a visual for Jacob Moreau. 

Sometimes it takes longer to find the perfect image than it takes for others. But it turns out that I don’t mind the harder matches! So sue me! After all the long hours put into bringing a story to life, I think we romance authors deserve a few perks. And we’re happy to share the fruits of our labor.


Realist Dr. Carla Harris believes that people create their own fate through hard work and careful planning. She believes in playing things safe. But, while preparing for her upcoming nuptials, she’s forced to confront the most reckless thing she’s ever done…her estranged husband, Jacob.

Idealist Jacob Moreau believes in soul mates as much as he believes in saving endangered companies. When his long lost wife reenters his life seeking a divorce, he is convinced more than ever they are meant to be together. And he will do—and lose—anything to have her again.

She thought she had her life planned to perfection. He thought they made perfect sense together.

Would marrying Jacob be the craziest thing she’s ever done, or divorcing him?

Author bio: 
Roe Valentine was born into the right family. Not only does the name Valentine suit her, but her grandmother, unknowingly, introduced the young Ms. Valentine to her first romance novel. She hasn’t read anything else since. She calls herself a romantic at heart and believes that love conquerors all.

The San Antonio native, who now lives in Houston, attempted to write her first contemporary romance novel when she was nineteen years old. That attempt didn’t take, but her story has a happy ending. She kept pursuing the dream until she landed her first publishing contract in 2013.

When not busy writing or reading love stories, Roe can often be found in a yoga class or chatting with friends at her favorite coffee shop. Enjoying margaritas with some girl-talk isn’t unusual for her either. For a night in, she watches reruns of her favorite TV shows and, of course, romantic comedies on her Roku, usually with a glass of wine. 


  1. Love this post, Roe! I also am using Jensen Ackles as inspiration right now. He's too yummy to look at. :)

  2. Love this post, Roe! I also am using Jensen Ackles as inspiration right now. He's too yummy to look at. :)


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