Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crashing Into Tess

“Sassy Heroines team with Can’t Miss Cowboys. Lilly Christine’s McGreers never fail to delight!” ~ Libra Press

In my debut novel Crashing Into Tess, newly minted veterinarian Tess leaves her affluent suburban home for the challenges of a ranch practice in Green Junction Colorado. On the way, she picks up a stray dog and “bumps into” Jake McGreer, a single dad rancher still reeling from the demise of his marriage. 

The setting and story for “Tess” came easily to me, since my sister is an equine vet and my roots are in Philadelphia. What could be more challenging to a raised-in- comfort city girl than a car accident, a new life, grueling hard work, a wild first love, a bitter ex and her pose of catty girlfriends in a small Colorado town buried in three feet of fresh snow? After all, it’s her first Thanksgiving away from home!

Happily, my readers seem to agree! RITA nominated Crashing Into Tess won Toronto Romance Writers “Catharine” and DRWA “Booksellers Best” 2014 Finalist awards. Since Crashing into Tess, I’ve written six more titles in the McGreers series, all featuring realistic conflict and strong, outspoken cowgirl leads in charming rural western settings. Tess is a vet, Daisy’s a barrel racer, Daphne’s a fashionista, Luanne’s a struggling songwriter and girl-next-door Janie is a sexual abuse survivor; McGreer heroines are kickass women of depth, substance and grit. . . While cowgirls might get the blues, nothing keeps us down for very long!


Tess’s chin tilted up to him, so close now. Unable to resist her, he couldn’t stop himself; his lips brushed hers, soft and tender, but the kiss was amazing, and he held it longer than he meant to. His mouth grew hot over her pink lips and his hand fell to her waist. When her twitchy little tongue teased his, his heart caught. Surprised by the effect she had on him, he came up for air, breathing hard.“Tess?”
“Hmm?” she murmured, running a forefinger along his collarbone. 
Plucking a curl, he groaned, trying to resist. “Tess, c’mon, I don’t usually kiss women I barely know.”  
She smiled, shaking her head. “You’re the person in Green Junction I know best, Jake. Why wouldn’t I kiss you?”  
“I’m the only person you know in Green Junction, Crash,” he murmured. 
“Oh, I’ll meet the others. I’m here for the duration,” she said with certainty.
“That remains to be seen. You haven’t even put a day in on the job.” 
“I’m sticking around,” she said, kissing his chin. 
Her hands tightened on his back and her fingertips pressed on the tight muscles at his rib cage. Unable to resist, his nose pressed her hair. He inhaled the scent of her, lemony and soft and fragrant, and his heart dropped to his boots. 
“I should leave before we get in trouble,” he murmured.
“We’re already in trouble, silly,” she told him softly. 
“I guess we are,” he agreed huskily. He found her mouth and was lost again.  
“Daddy?” A shrill little voice called through the open front door. 
Red-faced, Jake pulled away. Tess followed. 
“Daddy, are you here?” 
Walking quickly to the front of the apartment, Jake’s boots tapped down the porch steps. “Cassie? It’s Friday. Why aren’t you in school?”
A cupid-faced girl with two long reddish-brown braids leaned a turquoise bike against the front step. “Teacher’s had in-service. Mom forgot me, so I rode my bike home.” She crinkled her freckled nose at Tess and flashed a lopsided grin. “Who are you?” Then, “What were you guys doing?” 

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