Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why I Write Romance

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I come from a family of six kids. (I know, right?) I’m number five. When I was little, I cherished spending one-one-one time with my mother. At a very young age, I realized Mom and I had something special in common: we loved old movies. I adored being able to live for a time in the glossy, white floor world of Fred Astaire, and Cary Grant’s quippy charm, and especially the romantic comedies of Doris Day. From an early age, I learned to appreciate pure escapism.  When my interests turned from movies to books, that desire stuck with me. 

And there is no better escape than romance!

I love to watch it, read it and especially write it. But let’s stick with the reading about it for a bit. My book preference began to take shape when I was doing my undergrad in English. That was where I first fell in love with the regency masters, particularly Jane Austen. Though I’ve never had a desire to write regency novels of my own, I simply adore living in Jane’s world. The clothing, the country living, the manners and traditions, the hopes to break free from those traditions to find true love. Talk about escapism!

When I first started writing seriously, my stories either revolved around relationships or the relationship played an important part. I like to keep my stories light and happy and fun, because that’s still what I like to read the most. When I sit down to read or write, I want to be taken away, I want to fall in love with the characters and leave with a huge, stupid smile on my face. 

During all these years of romance writing, I knew I was bound to pull from my love of regency themes. My newest novel, SOMEDAY MAYBE, is a fun and smexy modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion set in San Francisco. In my story, Rachel (Anne Elliott) and Oliver (the very hot Captain Wentworth) were a couple at University of San Francisco, who meet up six years later, and realize that—even though they’ve both moved on—they might not truly be over each other. I simply adore stories about second chances at love, so after my first book in this series of Jane Austen retells (DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE, a Pride & Prejudice respin), I couldn’t wait to tackle Austen’s reunited lovers story.

Do you have a favorite classic story (or hero) that you would love to see as a modern day retelling? I’ve got a signed print copy of DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE up for grabs for one lucky commentor! 

He dipped his chin to kiss the spot behind my ear. “Wait until the party’s over at my place and spend the night. I want to watch you sleep.”

“Oliver,” I said, giggling into his warm neck. “You don’t really do that.”

He cupped my face, lightly running his fingertips over my eyelids. “All the time,” he said. “I can tell when you’re dreaming about me.”

I giggled again, a little self-consciously, like he truly did know how often he frequented my REM cycles.

He kissed my eyelids. “When you’re just waking up, too. That might be my favorite moment. It’s what I picture when you’re not right here.” He touched his forehead to mine. “Every night I’m not with you, I can still see you waking up beside me.”

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  1. I'd love to see a Modern version of Little Women. I read that story so many times when I was younger and I think it'd be kind of neat to see it set in current times.

    thebigbluewall77 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. no, not really a fan of retellings

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Jamie Fraser....well that's just because I'd love to see more of him lol

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  4. When I first heard the story of Swan Lake, I didn't really like the ending and wanted a better ending where the prince and the swan princess would have a happy ever after ending. The prince was a bit shallow at the beginning of the story. It would be great to modernize the story of the hero (prince).



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