Monday, October 20, 2014

Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple: First Daughter Style

Big cities exhaust me—or at least that’s what I told myself before I jumped into writing VARIOUS STATES OF UNDRESS: VIRGINIA. Because of this book, my love of cities has been renewed, and I’m no longer curling my lip and rolling my eyes—saying stuff like “Oh, I did my big city time when I was young. No more.” 

When I was in my early twenties, I lived in Chicago, attempting to do Theater for a living. It sounds exciting, but the reality of it wasn’t me skipping around the windy city with my fellow quirky artists. The reality was me trudging six blocks to the subway on icy sidewalks in a thrift-shopped man’s pea coat (the warmest thing I could find on a budget) at seven am, dreading a boring day answering phones at temp job. 

In retrospect, it wasn’t all bad, because my roommates and I were in it together, and we had great times—when we weren’t freezing. I’m also thankful for those temp jobs, because I did a lot more than arrange paperclips at a reception desk. I wrote stories to amuse myself, and though I didn’t realize it at the time—I was finding my voice as an author. 

Finding the rhythm of New York City, though, was a daunting task for me. I’ve been there several times, back when I actually DID do Theater for a living. But memories of those visits involve me in a huge van, navigating my way through Manhattan and lugging heavy costumes all over the place. I knew I needed an attitude adjustment, so naturally I smacked myself. Then I said, “Hey! Virginia is not you—she’s the daughter of the president of the United States. Her New York experience can be anything. ANYTHING.”

A world of possibility opened up to me—and I created for her all the fun I never had. Virginia chases through Manhattan, eluding the paparazzi. She goes to benefits, clubs and launch parties. She transforms a department store. She finds her true self. And best of all? She falls head over heels for her sexy new boss. She’s a wild, exciting woman, and New York is the perfect setting for her. Because of Virginia, I can’t wait to visit the Big Apple again—with a new outlook. 

VIRGINIA’s story is book #2 in my VARIOUS STATES OF UNDRESS series with Avon Impulse. Book #1 is the adventure of her sensitive, dreamy sister, CAROLINA, who falls for her Secret Service agent. The series will conclude Jan. 6 with the release of book #3, GEORGIA, the little sister and an intellectual journalism student who can’t fight her attraction to a sexy pro baseball player. The First Daughters of Romance: their dad may run the country, but he can’t run them! 

Various States of Undress: Virginia

When the president's daughter risks everything with her sexy new boss, they're bound to find themselves in Various States of Undress!

If she had it her way, Virginia Fulton—daughter of the President of the United States—would spend more time dancing in Manhattan's nightclubs than working in its skyscrapers. Tired of dodging paparazzi, she needs a change. And a real chance. So when she finds herself in the arms of sexy, persuasive Dexter Cameron, who presents her with the opportunity of a lifetime, Virginia sees it as a sign … but can she take it without losing her heart?

CEO-to-be Dexter Cameron knows he's taking a risk by hiring a stylish party girl to jumpstart his family's legacy department store. But the president's gorgeous daughter has her thumb on the pulse of Manhattan, and the partnership seems like a win-win … until Dex discovers that his goals now include more than securing the corner office—they include Virginia herself. Dex must decide: does he make a move up the ladder? Or on the girl of his dreams?

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