Friday, October 31, 2014

Getting Those Ungettable Men

We all love a challenge, right? And at one time or another, we’ve all fallen for the unobtainable, unreachable, ungettable man. Maybe he was a player or perhaps a commitment phobe. On the surface both types have all the trappings of being Mr. Right. They’re usually handsome, successful, witty and every woman wants them. Both players and phobes crave hot steamy sex and enjoy the company of women (note that’s plural) and neither one wants to be tied down. But make no mistake the two are very different creatures. 

As I see it, a player is out to stroke his ego whereas the commitment phobe is out to protect his. The player woos you in and cuts bait because he doesn’t want to limit his options.  He’s out to see what he can get, who he can entice. The more the merrier. But the commitment phobe is motivated by his fear of intimacy. His fear of being suffocated or else abandoned is what makes him run away. And yet sooner or later, a woman comes along who makes them change their ways and settle down.

The hero in my new novel, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR is a classic commitment phobe. Dallas suffers from a deep fear of intimacy stemming back to his childhood. His commitment issues have kept him single and unattached. But there’s something about Nikki Norris that changes all that. Here’s a quick scene from the book that explores his inner struggle: 

The next morning he woke to the sound of thunder roaring outside the bedroom window. Her head was on his chest, his arms looped around her waist. Part of him could have stayed in her bed like that forever, holding her, watching her. It was a sense of contentment that he’d never known before. And it scared the hell out of him that he could get used to it, come to expect it. And worse yet, ultimately admit he needed it. Needed her.
He looked at the clock on her nightstand. Christ, it was almost ten o’clock. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d slept in so late. Half his day was gone. He felt warm all of a sudden, and acutely aware that his arm had fallen asleep beneath her. A million pins and needles prickled his skin and fingers. The room heated up like a furnace, and he wanted to kick off the covers. In an instant he’d gone from feeling comfortable and content to anxious and irritable. 

He had a long list of things he was supposed to do that day. Get his car washed, take one of his cameras down to the repair shop, cull through the shots from the week before and send his selects to the magazine. He had a ton of Photoshop work to be done on the approved shots from the week before that. He had clothes to pick up from the dry cleaner’s, a suit that needed altered. He should probably get his oil changed, too. He had all this shit to do and he couldn’t afford to lie here in bed with this woman all day. Although irrational, he was angry with Nikki—like this was all her fault. 

Nikki’s journey with Dallas got me to thinking about the other women who got their impossible-to-get men. Annette Bening tamed Warren Beatty and Amal Alamuddin snagged George Clooney. So if your heart is set on the ungettable man, here’s proof that if you’re the right woman for them, true love does indeed conquer all. 


A satisfying category romance from Entangled's Lovestruck imprint…

He's designed for delicious trouble...

Interior designer Nikki Norris is at the end of her rope. She's lost her business, and her fiancé who called off their engagement. Now she's broke and on her own, living in a loft apartment she can barely afford. But something in her feng shui must be working, because her new neighbor across the hall is a sexy Brit fashion photographer...and he has just the thing to turn Nikki's bad luck around.

Dallas is tired of stick-thin fashion models with no personality. So when his curvaceous new neighbor, Nikki, seeks his help in making her ex jealous, Dallas is only too happy to oblige the woman who sets his libido on fire every time she walks into a room. Dallas, not being one to make commitments, thinks all he wants is a little taste of Nikki. But will it be enough?

Just as Nikki and Dallas hatch their plan, the wicked chemistry between them—growing more irresistible by the second—complicates things. Now the lines between make-believe and making love blur. Have Nikki and Dallas found a perfect arrangement... or have they designed the perfect plan for disaster?

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