Friday, October 17, 2014

Festivals – Let’s Party!

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Festivals, you gotta love ‘em. No, really, who doesn’t love a festival? A select subset of the population indulging their passion or reveling in their ethnicity or history, can be an amazing event. Sometimes they’re educational, sometimes they’re wacky, they’re nearly always fun.

This summer, my family and I went to the Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival in Whistler, British Columbia. Watching people race down a steep hill after a wheel of cheese was hilarious. Some participants came in costume, some were serious contenders (the winner’s prize was amazing), and some were just there for a laugh. Of course the rugby players they had at the bottom of the hill to catch anyone who couldn’t stop were a bonus. We also visited a local Caribbean festival where I got to indulge my love of curry goat and rice ‘n peas and listen to some great music.

I spent most of my teenage years in a small town with a large Icelandic population. Every year at the beginning of August was Islendingadagurinn, or Icelandic Days for those not fluent with the language. Included, of course, were the requisite fair rides and parade where everyone who had a nice car or costume could participate. But the festival also had readings in Icelandic, and yes, although I’m not of Icelandic heritage, I did learn some of the language and participated one year. You can eat pönnukökur, which are Icelandic pancakes similar to crepes; vinarterta, a layer cake with prunes; and other delicacies, most of which I never developed a taste for. And once you’ve stuffed yourself, you can wander around and enjoy the crafts and artworks.

When I was looking for a first date venue for Jonathan and Olivia, the couple in my newly released romance, An Inconvenient Desire, I thought a festival might be an interesting option. The book starts in Italy and I had a plethora of options, seems Italians love their festivals. Finally, I settled on the medieval festival in Brisighella, a small town between San Marino and Bologna. I read a blog post written by a couple who were living in Italy for a year. The way they described the event was truly hilarious. With locals in costume, battle reenactments and pyrotechnic shows, and allegedly some of the best food in Italy, it was the ideal place for my couple to spend the day and start falling in love. 

Here’s a brief excerpt from their day in Brisighella:

“Wow,” she exclaimed as she made it to the top, slightly out of breath. From the fortress you could see miles in each direction. An odd clock on a tower caught her attention. “How do you tell the time when there are only six hours on the face of the clock? Do you think it makes the day go faster or slower?”

Jonathan glanced at his own watch. “Hopefully slower. It’s half past eleven. After we’ve taken some photos to show Sophia and Luca what they missed, why don’t we get lunch? It’s a bit early, but then we can beat the crowd and look around the market later.”

As if on cue, her stomach grumbled. She’d had only an apple that morning. “I guess that seconds your suggestion.” She lined up a picture with Jonathan and the odd clock. “No, don’t stand like that, you look like you’ve got a pole up your backside.” He made a face and she snapped the picture. “Now you look like you’ve sat in something wet and squidgy.” She took a few more shots while he displayed a huge range in what appeared to be a constipated repertoire. “I don’t know what you do for a living, but if you ever want to give up your day job you could get advertising work for a laxative company.” He then went on to portray looks of immense relief causing her to laugh too hard to hold the camera steady.

“All right,” he said. “Show me how it’s done then.”

They switched places and she struck some silly poses as he snapped away. A small crowd started to gather. Last thing she needed was for one of these ridiculous shots to show up on the Internet. Time to put an end to this impromptu photo-shoot. So she turned slightly away, then looked straight back at Jonathan with her signature come-ravage-me look. More than one camera clicked. Jonathan appeared shell-shocked. For the first time he seemed to notice the group behind him.

“I need to eat,” he said as he pocketed his phone.
Is there a festival in your area? Do you attend? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I know that certain times of year, there are different types of festivals around... I went to a German Fest a few years ago... was a lot of fun... music, dancing, etc.

  2. Hi Colleen, yes every October I wish I liked beer so I could enjoy Oktoberfest. The German's really know how to part - a whole month at a time. Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. Don't have any

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. I been to several Greek Festivals. Love Baklava.
    yenastone at aol dot com

  5. Oh, Tammy, yes I love Greek culture and food as well. When I was in London we live in a predominantly Greek community. Although I didn't attend any festivals most the shops were full of Greek delicacies. Dolmades are my favorite. Thanks for commenting.


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