Saturday, September 13, 2014

Four Things That Really Happen in Advertising

With: Amber Page

I have spent most of my adult life working in the trenches of the advertising industry. So when it was time for write my first romance novel, I took that age old advice to write what you know.

Thus the story of Becky, a star copywriter at a Madison Avenue advertising agency, and her nemesis Mark, a freelance art director with a killer instinct, was born.
And while the events of my book as a whole are crazily farfetched, there are nuggets of truth to them. 

Advertising folk do tend to be better looking than the general population. There are plenty exceptions of course (I am many things, but gorgeous isn’t one of them), but as a rule, the most successful people in advertising tend to be easy on the eyes.

A new business pitch does take over your life. When your agency is competing for a choice account, you better pack your toothbrush and put a sleeping bag under your desk, because you aren’t going to see the light of day for a while.

Every agency has its toys (real toys. Not the adult kind). In All’s Fair In Lust & War, light sabers have a starring role in a very important scene. And, believe it or not, they wouldn’t be out of place in a real agency. Agencies I’ve worked at have sported air hockey tables, hula hoops, board games, video game systems…you name it.

Sex happens. Think about it. A bunch of good looking twenty-somethings stuck together for interminable amounts of time? Of course they hook up. Sometimes even in the office. And as for the nasty break-ups that inevitably follow? Well, those suck for everybody around them.

Want to know what all that has to do with All’s Fair In Lust & War? Well, you’ll have to buy it. Luckily for you, it’s available everywhere eBooks are sold (and in physical form in the UK).

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Mark collapsed into the black leather massage chair in the creative conference room and closed his eyes, groaning out loud when the vibrating knobs found the tight spot between his shoulder blades.

Suddenly a soft hand landed on his shoulder.

“You look lost in thought,” Becky said.

Mark shook his head to clear it. “Just relaxing,” he said, and pulled her down on his lap. 

She put her head on his shoulder and for a moment they just sat together, the vibrations from the still operating massage chair the only noise.

Then she sighed. “Being a creative director is way less fun than I thought it would be.”

He laughed. “You know, I was just thinking that. I haven’t done any actual work today, but I’m completely exhausted.”

“Me too,” she said. “But I was thinking I should try to write now that it’s quiet.”

She shifted on his lap, preparing to get up. But when Mark caught a glimpse of a black lace stocking as her skirt crept up her thigh all thoughts of work vanished from his brain.

“What’s this?” he said, running his hand up the silken material and under the lace top.

“Oh, you know… Just a little something to keep you wondering,” she said, blushing.

“Oh, I’m wondering, all right,” Mark growled, mentally picturing her riding him wearing only those stockings. “I’m wondering what else is under that skirt.”

She shrugged. “A lady never tells. You’ll have to find out for yourself.”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He let his hand wander up her smooth thigh, tracing the elastic of the garter up to where it met the satiny belt. Then his hand drifted down, toward the middle, looking for the top of her panties. But nothing blocked his way, and soon he felt the soft roundness of her mound under his fingers.

“You’re not wearing any underwear,” he said, and a bolt of lightning struck his groin, leaving him rock-hard and aching for her.

She put a mocking hand over her mouth, unable to hide her grin. “Oops, I must have forgotten.”


What happens in Vegas…is even hotter in New York!

After a fling in Vegas that was so wild even she can't believe it happened, copywriter Becky has finally gotten her mojo back. Time to get back to New York and win that promotion!

But things veer catastrophically off course when her new coworker Mark saunters in…and he's much too familiar. Even worse, Mark and Becky will be competing for the promotion—and he's just as good in the boardroom as he was in bed! So what's a girl to do when Mr. One Night becomes Mr. One-Desk-Away? Stand her ground, of course—if there's going to be a war, she's going to make sure she enjoys it!

Amber Page has been writing stories since she could write, and still counts the pinning of her "Bubble People" tale to the classroom bulletin board in the third grade as one of her happiest childhood memories. She's also an avid reader, and has been addicted to romances since she first discovered them in the dusty shelves of her favorite library as a young teen. When not penning Happily Ever Afters, Amber works as an advertising writer in the heart of Indiana, where she lives with the love of her life, their daughter, and a menagerie of furry animals. She also blogs, gardens, and sometimes even manages to sneak in a few hours of sleep.

You can find her hanging out at her internet home at, join her for a chat at, or tweet with her at @amberpagewrites.

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