Monday, August 18, 2014

The Bybee Process of Writing.

With: Catherine Bybee 

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I know, I know… I’m here to talk about my latest book, but when I asked my street team what they wanted to most know about me, it was all about my writing process. Where my ideas come from…am I a plotter or a pantser. Those kinds of things. So here it goes. 

I’m not a plotter. I’ve tried, good lord I have tried…but I just can’t do it. Writing a synopsis isn’t something I do well because I can’t tell you what is going to happen in a book until I start writing it. 

The best way for me to answer the questions about process is to explore it as I’m doing it. 
I’m about to begin writing __________ by Thursday. The blank is killing me, because I often have the title of the book before I begin to write.  

I know who my heroine is…you will all meet Gabi in Seduced by Sunday, April 2015. 
Gabi is a wounded heroine…crazy that, right? The process with this book is a little different than my others, because this book will complete the entire series. There is a bit of pressure on my end to make it better than all the rest…or at least compete for top billing. 

I know I want the series to come full circle. To get back to the bones of the series, and that would be Sam’s business…Alliance. 

I also know that I want Gabi’s hero to not fall into any cliché. He might come off as brass…but he will be the man she needs to grow. 

Yeah…that’s it. Seriously. That’s all I have until I sit and write that first chapter. 

Let’s talk the day to day writing of Bybee’s life. 

I try and get to my boot camp class 3 – 4 times a week, and run if I can a couple of the others. I get that right about half the time. Not enough to be a size 8, but hey… don’t judge. *wink* 

After much time procrastinating online…aka, Facebook and twitter… I jump on email, answer questions from fans… check my stats… yeah, I’m a little OCD when I have a new release.  Refresh…refresh…refresh… 

With any luck, I’m writing by noon… or in the case of today, I’m editing Seduced by Sunday, so that will be my job all day long. I grabbed a hot dog my 18 year old cooked, have my bottle of water, and Pandora is playing while I type this out. My desk looks like New Orleans after Katrina. My office is just as bad. Strange because the rest of the house is in order…and my car is always clean. *sigh* 

Writers Block?  Yeah…no… I don’t think there really is such a thing. When I find myself stuck with a blinking cursor asking myself ‘what comes next’ for too long, I go back and re-read my last chapter. Sometimes, rarely, I’ve written something that doesn’t fit…I need to fix it in order to continue. 

I rarely edit as I write. I send off each chapter, in its completely raw state to my critique partner… poor lady has to read my stuff when it’s shit… but she offers feedback that I can’t live without. Sometimes she asks me… “Do you know where this is going?” To which I answer with a pop of my gum… “Nope.”  or  “Maybe.” 

Once my first draft is done…again, if I’m on my game, 2-3 months per book, I give myself a pat on the back…drink champagne, then dive into edits. I can usually tell by THE END that there are things that need to be worked on. A character that needs better flushing out…a loose end I didn’t tie up. 

I send my edited manuscript to my critique partner…who reminds me I can’t spell. (Seriously, I can’t do this shit without spell check) Then I get the book back, play, tweak…(meanwhile I started on the next book) Then send it to my publisher and repeat. 

Okay… I think that’s it. The Bybee process in a nutshell. 
Character’s first…title of the book… plot. Yeah. 

My note to fellow writers… this is MY process, it isn’t right nor wrong. It’s what works for me. I’ve written a book in as little as two weeks, (Not Quite Dating) and others take five months (Highland Protector). Every book takes me on a different journey. 

Now back to my edits…


The Weekday Bride Series, Book Five
Montlake Romance, Contemporary
August 12, 2014, First Edition
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College graduate Judy stands ready to conquer the world…if she can find a job. Hoping to transition from aspiring architect to famous architect as quickly as possible, the dark-haired beauty moves to LA, staying in the home of her celebrity brother, Michael Wolfe. But it’s hard for Judy to focus on work when the sexy bodyguard she fell for last summer keeps showing up in her life and leaving her breathless.

With his hard body, green eyes, and easy smile, Rick could have any woman he wants. But the Marine-turned-bodyguard only has eyes for Judy and her spitfire attitude. When a faceless villain attacks Judy, Rick will stop at nothing to protect the woman who opened his heart from the monster hunting her.

Readers will fall in love with Rick, who is the ultimate book boyfriend with his good looks and bad-ass attitude.”  –RT BOOK REVIEWS, TOP PICK!, 4 ½ STARS

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A throaty laugh made him pause. 

He knew that laugh. 

The smile on his face suddenly felt more genuine. His gaze slid across the room when she laughed again. Her back was to him, but it was her…Utah. She held her cue stick and pointed at a corner pocket. “Watch ‘em and weep.” 

She sunk the eight ball like it was her bitch and the guys around the table groaned. A short-haired blonde lifted her hand and made a grabby motion with her fingers. “Pay up!” 

Utah laughed, laid her cue on the table, and grabbed the bottle of beer at her side. All the while Rick just watched the interplay. She wore tight jeans, a tucked in tank that hugged her waist in a mouth-watering way …over the ensemble was a jean jacket that he could easily picture draped over the handlebars of his motorcycle. 

“I think we just got hustled,” one of the young college kids said as he shoved his hands in his wallet to pay his debt. 

“I tried to warn you.” 

Judy’s friend shoved the bills into her pocket faster than the waitress had. “Anyone else? Twenty buck minimum with a round of drinks.” 

This might be fun. 

Rick took a step forward and lifted his voice above the crowd. “A hundred bucks.” 
Utah froze, but didn’t turn around. He wondered if she recognized his voice. Had she thought about him in the last year? With the exception of her brother’s divorce party, he hadn’t seen her…not outside of a wet dream or two. 

The blonde swiveled her head like a snake to prey and her eyes did that sweeping thing that happened to him once in a while. Rick knew he wasn’t hard on the eyes, knew he filled out his shirt like a Marine should. His thick shoulders and neck screamed military or linebacker. He did play a little football in high school. 

“Who the hell are you?” the blonde mumbled. 

Rick chuckled. 

Judy slowly turned and had to tilt her head back to look at him. “Green Eyes.” 

“Hey, Utah.” 

“You know this guy?” The blonde shoved next to Judy and nudged her arm. 

God, she was even more adorable than he remembered. He didn’t let her eyes go, just matched her stare. A blush rose to her cheeks and a few freckles peeked through. Her snarky remark about his presence was a heartbeat away. He’d lay another hundred bucks on the table as a bet that the next words out of her mouth would shock everyone within earshot. 

“Did the steroid train stop in town when I wasn’t looking?” 

The blonde started to laugh.

Rick stepped even closer so barely an inch separated them. The smile never left his face. “I hear steroids shrink dicks.” 

As if she couldn’t help herself, Judy glanced down and it was Rick’s turn to laugh. He brushed the edge of her body with his and removed the cue from the table. “What do ya say, Utah? I’ll even let you break. Ladies first and all that.” 

Rick knew they were drawing a crowd, but the interplay between them matched the sparks that hovered over them like a damn rainbow, and he was powerless to care what anyone thought. 

“A hundred bucks is steep, Judy.” 

“S’okay, Meg…Rick’s a big talker. Besides, he doesn’t know what I’m capable of.” 

Rick shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Now, now…don’t want to show all your cards.” 

“She’s really good, dude,” the guy she’d relieved of twenty bucks said from across the table. 

Rick lowered his voice. “Will you go easy on me, Babe?” 

Judy regained some of her lost composure and pushed away from his personal space. “Not on your life. And I’m not your babe!” 

We’ll see about that. He couldn’t stop smiling. 

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned the Weekday Brides Series and the Not Quite Series. Bybee lives with her husband and two teenage sons in Southern California.  


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  1. This sounds fantastic! How can I have missed the entire series? Sigh. I'll be signing up for the other stuff on the rafflecopter when I get home and have access to my passwords. *smh* Cheers, Catherine!

  2. I am loving this series & can't wait to read this one! I remember Rick from Fiance by Friday. I didn't get to Single by Saturday yet, but I see from this excerpt that he is in that one, too. Good luck with the new release!

    1. Single by Saturday is like... 2 bucks this month...Less than a Latte. *wink* Enjoy.

  3. Catherine, great post! It's nice to know there's someone who has a messy office, but neat house. I do the same thing. It drives my editor/sister crazy. She's always asking how I can work in the mess. We have a similar writing style as well. Characters always come to me first. If I write a synopsis or outline of anything the story is done, so it doesn't interest me anymore. I love having my characters fight me for which direction they go in. It keeps the story alive. Thanks for a great post!

  4. Hi Catherine, thanks for sharing your writing process! Wife by Wednesday was so fun - was it your first book?

    1. Wife by Wednesday was book 10 - Crazy huh? Sam and Blake were my first contemporary, however.

  5. Oops - question withdrawn! Just found your time travel romances! I love that you have multiple genres.

    1. LOVE my time travels. I look forward to diving back into that world soon.

  6. Nice to know I'm not alone - Total pantser. I keep TRYING to plot, but I just have an idea of whereI want to go and let alot of it unfold as I write, too. I'm curious how you found your critique partner? Great blog - I'm adding your books to my Kindle pile STAT!!

    1. Where did I find my CP? Heaven! No, an online forum... I find most of my besties online at some point or another. Network and you'll find the right fit.

  7. Catherine I hope its not too late thanks I don't have a kindle just a laptop with apps on them if u have a free app you could send it to me via that I suppose but would love to win the kindle and the book batter up for free thanks


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