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Special Moments

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The Longest Night is my debut romance novel. It’s full of special moments that I loved writing. I’m excited to be able to share them with you today!

Five Favorites

1. My favorite first impression is Ian’s first glimpse of Cecily. He meets her at a tiny airfield on the edge of nowhere, Canada. She’s not dressed to impress. She’s:

...a woman with a shock of fire-red hair pulled back into a short, tight ponytail. Her skin was flushed from the cold, with a light dusting of freckles over her nose and cheekbones. She wore a battered leather jacket, faded blue jeans that hugged her hips, and work boots.
“She turned and looked in his direction, dark sunglasses obscuring her eyes. She was ruggedly attractive, far from the usual type who would’ve caught Ian’s eye, and he wondered if she was his unknown hostess, Cecily Knight. If so, his exile might have just become a lot more interesting.

2. My favorite secondary character is Dr. Marguerite “Mags” Lavolier:

...a slender, dark-skinned brunette who was surprisingly well-suited for rural living. She was a riparian biologist who’d rented a vacation cabin in Pinelake a few years back to do a study on the ecology of the Pinelake River. She’d liked it so much that she had purchased land—she was from a wealthy New Orleans family, she’d once admitted—and had built a gorgeous modern house overlooking the river.

3. My favorite food scene is definitely the one with the s’mores. Ian may be a hotshot criminal attorney who’s made his mark in Manhattan, but he’s utterly defeated by a marshmallow and fire. Of course, he can’t resist trying to cover it up, saying:

“It’s nouvelle cuisine. Marshmallows flambees.” Before he could say anything more, the marshmallow finally lost all structural integrity, liquefied, and splashed into the flames.

4. My favorite intimate moment is Ian and Cecily’s first kiss, when they’re out for a walk in the snowy forest.

Tight with tension, her lips tasted of cold and snow. Subtle, burning points of contact connected them skin-to-skin—Ian’s fingertips on her face, his thumb on the thinner flesh over her cheekbone, their lips touching lightly. The kiss was barely more than the air they shared for one breath, two. Her exhale shuddered against his mouth.

Encouraged, he licked at Cecily’s cold, chapped lips, gently pressing with his fingertips. She shifted, her lips parting just enough for his tongue to flick across her teeth. Her inhale was sharper now, and her hand pressed against his side, not to pull him close or push him away but to simply touch. Her mouth opened further, and the brush of her tongue—just the tip—crackled through him like lightning.

5. My favorite fun, romantic moment is a spoiler, so I won’t tell you where in the book it happens.

“Aha! Not broken,” he said, putting down the flashlight so he could take out two fine champagne glasses wrapped in paper towels. He shoved the paper towels back into the bag and offered her the glasses.

Happiness filled her all the way down to her toes at how utterly ridiculous and charming this all was. “Are we having champagne and potato chips for dinner?”

He froze.

“Oh, my God. We are.”

“Pretzels, actually.” In the darkness, she could just barely make out his sheepish grin. “The potato chips were stale.”

This could work, whispered the little voice in the back of her mind, the voice that had been silent for seven years…

She sought solace in solitude

Years ago, former Marine Captain Cecily Knight fled her dark past and the nightmares forever haunting her nights. Alone in the remote Canadian wilderness, she survives day to day…until Ian Fairchild comes storming into her life and shatters her protective seclusion.

Until one touch bared her soul

Aloof but intriguing, defensive but undeniable, Ian is everything Cecily shouldn’t want but can’t ignore. He watches her with shrewd blue eyes, as if determined to decipher her secrets…and for the first time in years, she finds herself coming alive beneath the hands of a man with too many scars to count.

As the hushed and harsh winter closes in around them, two lost souls find themselves on the precipice of a love that could save their lives…or destroy them forever.

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Kara Braden makes her debut in modern romance with a story of love in isolation. She believes that engaging, romantic fantasy can be found everywhere in the world, even in the most unlikely places. With the support of her wonderful husband, cats, and dogs, she writes from her home office outside Phoenix, Arizona, where she spends her time hiding from the sunlight and heat.

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