Friday, August 15, 2014

For the love of contemporary romance…

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Thank you for having me today. I’m so excited to be here! Why?

Because contemporary romance is my number one love as a reader. 

Don’t get me wrong. I greatly enjoy other romance genres, whether I’m being swept away to 19th century England or running through a forest alongside a shapeshifting wolf or hunting for the bad guys with a sexy FBI agent, but I usually find myself reaching for a contemporary romance first when it’s time to start a new book. The simplicity of contemporary romance is why I love it so much – two people working through the issues that crop up in everyday life and coming out stronger on the other side because they’ve learned to rely on, trust, and love one another. And we all know that life comes with enough foibles to fill an endless number of books.

I’ve been reading and loving contemporary romance for twenty years, so when I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing romance a few years ago, it never occurred to me to write anything else.  Remember what I said about two people working through the issues that crop up in their life? Well, let me tell you, the heroine and hero of my debut novel, TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD, have issues. As in, they can’t spend more than two minutes together without arguing, but they still have to work together to save the radio station where they both work. Of course, the bigger issues they have to face are their personal demons (even if they don’t want to admit it). Neither Noelle nor Tate expect to find what they need the most with the person they want the least at the story’s beginning. 

Aww, the beauty of contemporary romance. :)

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by Jamie Wesley

Two radio show hosts. One show. Who will come out on top?

In a moment of restlessness, Tate Grayson sold his multimillion-dollar company and spun his love of sports into a radio talk show. Life, and love, is too short to take seriously—a fact he enjoys rubbing in uptight radio host Noelle Butler’s face.

After the death of her parents, a tragedy she blamed on herself, Noelle vowed to live a controlled, focused life. Now a psychologist, she channels her need for connection into her radio show. But when the arrogant sportscaster next door tells listeners men shouldn’t get married, she’s all too happy to yank the silver spoon out of his overprivileged mouth.
Their heated on-air arguments are a hit, but when the station director forces them to do a joint show for two weeks, Tate and Noelle object. They can’t stand each other, despite the attraction sizzling beneath every interaction. But if they can’t pull the struggling radio station back from the brink, they’ll lose their jobs. Or worse, their hearts.

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Tate held back a laugh. She wouldn’t be winning an Oscar any time soon. “You need to learn how to relax.”

The frown reappeared. “And you’re the one to teach me how, I take it.”

He leaned closer to her, catching a hint of the light, but alluring lavender fragrance she preferred. A preference he was beginning to share. “Oh, darlin’, you have no idea,” he drawled.

Her eyes widened, but she didn’t move away. Good. He liked a woman who held her ground. 

“Don’t I?” The words were brassy, but the way she cleared her throat let him know she felt the heat, as unexpected as it was, throbbing between them. 

“Imagine the best scenario you possibly can, and I guarantee I can make it ten times better.” The words spilled out without a thought. Yes, he liked to flirt, but what the hell was he doing flirting with Noelle, especially when he’d turned down Tammy and Alicia, women who were actually interested in him? Hadn’t he and Noelle tacitly agreed to never go there again after yesterday? 

Her gaze slowly skimmed his body from head to toe, making him wish it was her pretty mouth making the tour with no clothes between her lips and his skin. “You sound awfully confident.”

“I never say anything I don’t mean.” Damn it. More unlicensed flirting. 

“I’ll have to remember that. Now, let’s get to work.” She put on her headphones. “Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Tate and Noelle Show, better known as the TAN Show.”

Wait a second. Had he been dismissed? 

About the author:
Jamie Wesley has been reading romance novels since she was about 12 when her mother left a romance novel, which a friend had given her, on the nightstand. Jamie read it instead, and the rest is history.

She started her first manuscript, a contemporary romance, after she graduated from Northwestern University in 2002 and couldn't find a job. Life got in the way as it often does, i.e. she found a job, and she didn't finish the story. However, she never forgot about it and finally got serious about completing it in 2009. She’s been writing ever since.

Jamie holds a master’s degree in sport management (yes, that's a real thing :-) ) from the University of Texas at Austin, so it probably comes as no surprise that she loves sports and spends an inordinate amount of time rooting for her hometown Dallas’s pro sports teams and her alma maters.

She also adores Walt Disney World, shopping, and pop culture. Want to know if your favorite TV show is going to be canceled or what the newest Disney attraction is? Ask Jamie. She'll probably know the answer. Connect with her at:

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  1. I love romance, all kinds, especially contemporary. In my mind love and all it entails is a very realistic concept to read and write about. There is enough stuff going on in my life that I love the escape I can have into romance novels.

    1. Hi Sue!

      Yes, I love the escape romance provides, too!

  2. I love that contemporary romance mirrors real life and provides an escape to lose ourselves in a book.

  3. I love contemporary romance because there are so many situations that I can relate to or know people who have been there.

    1. Hi Anita,

      Yes, knowing this could happen or has happened makes the book more fun.

  4. I love everything about contemporary romance - I can escape into the book and feel like it's my life and I can really understand and compare it to things I've been through

    1. Hi Ada,

      You're so right. Sometimes that escape is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  5. They are short enough (they take me about 1.5 hours to read) that they don't keep me awake all night, trying to finish the story. They give me the sweetest of dreams, as I can usually envision myself as the heroine with that yummy hero. They have HEAs, which we all hope to have. Most are written in a realistic manner, so the characters' actions make sense to me. They show me parts of the world I'll never see out of my armchair.
    Nowadays, though, the Internet has opened up a new world of fellow readers - and many authors - to me, and I enjoy sharing our love of romance online. You can never have too much romance. Trust me.

  6. Contemporary Romances... enjoy them and have been on a big kick lately with them... meeting characters that can be everyday people... seeing people get past walls and obstacles to find happiness.

    1. Hi Colleen,

      I LOVE seeing people get past their walls in romances.

  7. Just met you on another blog yesterday and still hoping to read your book soon. Contemporary romances take us on so many adventures that we otherwise would never we always get a "happy ever after" that makes us still have hope in love after hearing such sad stories in the news.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I remember you! Thanks for joining me here today. You are so right. The "happy ever after" cannot be beat.

  8. I love romances because you can live vicariously through the characters and I love how that makes me feel. It is very relaxing.

    1. Hi Robin,

      It IS relaxing and cool to do all this stuff you never get to do during real life.


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