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Batter Up

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I’m so excited to be visiting Just Contemporary Romance with an excerpt from Batter Up, my super cute romantic comedy that has just a touch of magic. Check it out, and be sure to enter the giveaway below!

Batter Up

She mixes more than flour and sugar into her cake batter, and he’s about to find out if a little bit of magic is to his taste...

Bakeshop owner Emma Stevens has a secret — a delicious, slightly unorthodox secret. Each Monday, she mixes up a premonition to share with the bachelors of Buttermilk Falls, and sets one lucky man on the path to true love.

When reporter Jason Levine finds himself mixed up in a Las Vegas bachelorette party, he hears the strangest rumor: the marriage is happening thanks to magic cake batter. Seriously skeptical, and sick of frauds, Jason journeys to the backwater town of Buttermilk Falls to expose the baker and release the townspeople from her evil clutches.

But when Jason meets Emma, tempers flare and sparks fly. Will Jason cling to his logic at the expense of a future, or will he let himself fall under Emma’s spell?


‘Hey, ease up on the handle, will ya? What did that flour ever do to you?’ Abby had joined her in the kitchen.

Emma sighed. ‘Just trying to get this batch in the oven.’

‘Well, that might have to wait. You have a visitor out front.’

Emma flipped around. ‘Who?’ She reached behind her and started to untie her apron. ‘Michael?’

‘Your fling.’

‘Oh,’ she said flatly, retying the strings behind her. ‘What does he want?’

‘To see you, silly.’ Abby walked up behind her, swatting Emma’s hands away from her apron’s ties. ‘You’re not wearing this.’

Emma sighed and took off the apron. ‘Why won’t he go away?’

‘Um…because you bought him.’

‘Don’t remind me.’ Emma started to stir her mixture, flipping her recipe book with her free hand. She was trying a new vanilla bean cupcake concoction with exotic vanilla flavoring.

‘You need to go talk to him!’

‘Fine.’ Emma reluctantly set her wooden spoon down and rinsed her hands.

‘You know, dear cousin, there could be worse ways to spend your summer than hanging out with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Sexy.’ She shrugged her shoulders. ‘I’m just sayin’.’

Emma smoothed her hair. ‘I’ll sell him to you for five thousand.’ She peeked out the kitchen doors. ‘I wonder what he wants.’

Abby laughed. ‘Oh, I know what he wants.’ She swatted Emma on the butt.

‘Really, Abs?’ Emma rolled her eyes and pushed open the swinging doors. She took a deep breath. There at the counter sat Jason Levine - her summer fling - dressed casual in a royal V-neck T-shirt and jeans. He was hunched over reading the local newspaper she’d left on the counter for patrons. No laptop in sight.

‘Hi.’ She walked up, inhaling the delicious spicy scent that surrounded him. God, he smelled amazing. 

‘Good morning.’ He looked up and smiled, showing his sexy dimples.

‘Can’t you put those away?’

‘Put what away?’

‘Nothing.’ Emma, get a grip. They’re just dimples. She reached for a full coffee pot behind her and refreshed his cup. 

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In Batter Up, the Sugar Spoon bakery is the hot spot for match making every Monday night. The bachelors of Buttermilk Falls flock to the counter to watch Emma do her magic, whipping up the name of one lucky guy’s soul mate in her cake batter. Share your favorite bakery treat, and you’ll be entered to win an electronic copy of Batter Up. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh I love sweets... one of my favs are black & white cookies... yummy! Tried making them once, but they did not come out as good as the bakery's.

  2. My favorite bakery treat is crumb cake.

  3. forgot email; mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  4. I've been reading your excerpts of batter up since before 12 am today and I also had a hard time trying to figure out how to post you if I win the kindle I would love a free ebook of batter up it looks intriguing and fun I could use this kind of love affair in my wise years, having never been married and just beginning to date again in my 50's I would love to win


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