Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Swoon-Inducing Heroes

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This month, Crimson Romance released Modern Love, a contemporary romance book-bundle that includes top-selling romance authors and is currently on sale for $0.99.  

To celebrate, I’ve brought over three swoon-inducing heroes to answer some fun questions: Evan Burke from Falling for You by Heather Thurmeier; Carter Phlynn from On The Fly by Katie Kenyhercz and Luke Cannon from Destination Wedding by me!

Okay fellas, tell us about your first kiss in the book. When did it happen?

Evan:  My first kiss with Cassy was a covert-ops situation. See Cassy was on this silly dating reality TV show and I was there to film her. But, let’s just say there’s only so long a man like me can watch a girl like Cassy walk around in her hot pink bikini, making sexy eyes at me—No matter how hard she denies it!—before I had to give into temptation. Luckily, we happened to be in a spot where the overhead, wall-mounted cameras couldn’t catch us. Good thing too, because that kiss was way too hot for prime time TV.

Carter: The first was so fast, I'm not even sure it counts, but she'd just held a press conference denying that we were involved. It was the best move at the time for both our sakes, and it went really well. I went to her office to thank her, and when I saw her, I guess I got carried away and just kissed her. I think the real first kiss was on Halloween night. A lot of firsts happened then, but I'll let you read about that.

Luke: I’ve got you two beat because I kissed Kate in Chapter One. Of course I only did it to calm her down on our rather turbulent flight from New York City to Hawaii, and there was the little issue that I was pretending to be my identical twin brother when I did it.

When did you know your heroine was the one?

Evan:  From the moment I opened the door to the adjoining room and found Cassy standing on the other side, I was done for. I mean, I wouldn’t have admitted that at the time, of course, but there was something about that long mahogany hair and those jade green eyes that took root inside of me. But the moment that put me over the edge was when douche bag Bachelor Brad started making the moves on my girl. I don’t care if Brad was the guy she was “technically” on the show The One to date or not, the second what I had with her was threatened, I knew she was my one and that’s all I could focus on.  

Carter: It was Halloween. We'd just survived a disaster of a night out, and she was worried about her brother even with all of the trouble he'd given her. She said if he needed her, she'd be there. It's just who she was. That's when I knew I needed her too. I've never met anyone as selfless and giving, but she stands up for herself. How could I ever settle for anyone else?

Luke: I was smitten with Kate from the moment we met. How could I not fall in love with a klutzy wedding planner wearing her tomato juice all over her white suit; empty vodka bottles on her tray and chanting her calming mantra "I do. I do,” while not taking her eyes off of the fasten seatbelt sign. (sighs) She was a bit of a mess, albeit an adorable mess. 

The time we spent alone in Maui confirmed my feelings. I wanted to know anything and everything about the beautiful woman I’d kissed silly while pretending I was my brother.

You three are known for being super romantic. Describe your perfect date?

Evan: My perfect date with Cassy would be a hike into the Colorado Rockies to this remote lookout spot I love near the cabin. There’s a small lake up there and a view that makes you feel like you’re looking at a slice of heaven. Of course, I’d have a blanket up there and a picnic basket full of delicious snacks. But the best part of all would be having Cassy all to myself—no other contestants flaunting and flirting, no competitions getting in the way, and no cameras. Just Cassy, nature, and privacy. Heaven.

Carter: Jacey and I like to go ice skating. It holds special meaning for us, and we like to show off for each other. End the night with pizza, beer, and a movie at home. Perfect.

Luke: Now that Kate’s relocated to New York City, we enjoy going to the theater, taking in a concert, picnics in Central Park. Sometimes the best nights are sitting on my balcony with a tropical drink in hand reminiscing about our time in Hawaii. Although Kate’s assistant, Miles, and my brother’s ex-fiancĂ©e, Lauren, recently moved here and have been coming over quite a bit.

You can learn more about Evan, Carter, and Luke and how each reaches his Happily Ever After in the Modern Love bundle. Purchase Now for $0.99!

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  1. This was a really cute interview. I always like to see the hero's POV. :)

    Marcy Shuler

  2. Hi Robyn!
    I love your character interviews. Modern Love is such a fantastic deal for only 99 CENTS! I loved Destination Wedding and can't wait to read the other books. Wishing you all great sales.

  3. What a great boxed set!! Definitely going to have to check it out!! Loved the interview btw!
    kdjohnston 73 at yahoo dot com

  4. Love the character interview! Enjoy box sets... thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Love their answers! I'm a sucker for the hero's POV!

  6. Fun interviews

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. Love the post. Enjoyed the interviews--and it is hard, hard to beat a bundle of Modern Love for .99! Time to snap it up!


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