Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Second Chance Romances - Part Two

By: Barbara Phinney

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When I tell people I am a writer, the question most frequently asked is "Where do you get your story ideas?" The answer is not always the same, but most often, my stories come from a place first. Yes, a setting usually sparks my ideas.

In Cape of Secrets, the story I have in Romance Super Bundle II: Second Chances, it was indeed the setting. Consider this: A cape on the upper edge of a bay, jutting out into water that perpetually churns and froths, water called The Dory Rips, for they will chop up a small boat by force alone.  Consider a cape so often shrouded in fog, a foghorn must sit beside the lighthouse. This is Cap D'Or in Nova Scotia. The day we visited there was beautiful, clear as a bell, and warm. The driveway down to it was steep, a danger, no doubt, in the fog. This sparked my interest. What if someone accidentally walked off the cliff? Or worse still, was pushed?

So Cape of Secrets is started. It's fun to develop a story from an area, asking questions about who would live there and why. And what would happen if...

My heroine comes to the cape, but in this modern gothic, she's not an innocent, victim-like heroine in a filmy, flowing nightgown. Marika is a street smart acerbic woman who refuses to put herself in danger, or bow to her body's desires. She won't be told what to do. It's her life she's living and her rules she's living by. Things, though, have a way of twisting around. And Marika finds herself exactly where she fought so hard to avoid. 

And this smart city gal soon faces secrets as dangerous as The Dory Rips themselves. 

So, for those writers and budding writers out there, what entices you to want to write a story? A situation? An emotion? A quirky character, perhaps? Tell us. We'd love to hear it.

Barbara Phinney

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  1. I believe in second chance. Sometimes the moment and opportunity are happening at the wrong time. It just helps to revisit the moment again after all, shouldn't we get wiser as we get older?


  2. I think every morning that "today is my second chance" re living a good life. It clarifies things for me and puts my life into perspective, especially when things go wrong, because it can always be a lot worse.
    Will send email address separately, with many thanks for offering such an extravagant package!

  3. Oh I like what Laney said above... each morning is a second chance! :)

  4. I believe in Second Chances, because the first go-around may not work. Love your bundle of 10 books to keep me company at night and for walks along the boardwalk at the Nature Center where I saw a weasel and a yellow bird flying. It's a peaceful place with a brook and benches where I write poetry and read.
    amwiden at aol dot com

  5. not sure

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


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