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Second Chances

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I love writing about second chances. It’s an extra joy I derive from playing God with my characters by giving them the chance to confront a decades-old wrong or a terrible humiliation suffered in order to make amends and find healing. By giving my characters this choice I can also differentiate them from the ones who refuse to grow and thus remain stunted by their decision.   

This is premise I started with when I conceived the plot for Once Tasted, Book Two in my Silver Creek series. Reid Knowles and Mia Bodell have known each other since childhood but, in the aftermath of a mortifying incident in high school, they have avoided speaking to each other, quite an accomplishment when their families are not only friendly terms but also neighbors. It’s a twist on Romeo and Juliet, with Romeo and Juliet feuding rather than the Montagues and the Capulets (luckily Reid and Mia have a much happier ending, too)!

Of course, because neither Reid nor Mia is comfortable confronting the past and just as determined to fight the attraction between them. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing how it all works out between them.

Happy Reading!


Three siblings, an extraordinary family, a lasting heritage—in the irresistible Silver Creek Ranch trilogy, they’ll fight for the land and the people they love.

Everything has come easily to Reid Knowles, the middle son of a California ranching family. But his charmed life is suddenly complicated when his neighbor, Thomas Bodell, persuades him to help with the business management of his winery, which he is leaving to his niece, Mia.

In a life marked by loss, nothing has ever come easily to Mia Bodell. Love included. In high school her heart was crushed by Reid. The hurt lingers. When Mia learns of her uncle’s plan, she makes it clear that she’d rather be roped to a steer than to Reid Knowles.

A night of unbridled passion changes things. One taste of Mia awakens an unfamiliar yearning in Reid, and he vows to find a way to win her trust.

            Mia is achingly aware that her teenage heartthrob has matured into a devastatingly handsome man. But can the budding winemaker trust her heart to a playboy with no interest in settling down? From Reid’s first intoxicating kiss to his unexpectedly tender seduction, Mia is swept into a passionate affair that could leave her heart in pieces . . . or give her everything she has ever wanted.

About Laura Moore:

National bestselling contemporary romance author Laura Moore began writing while pursuing a graduate degree in art education. Her first story filled an entire notebook before she realized that she might actually have penned a love story that others might want to read. Ride A Dark Horse was published a year later.

An accomplished rider and animal lover, Laura lives in Rhode Island, with her husband, two children, and their black Lab. Their cat Zevon keeps them all in line.

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  1. I love reading second chances stories. In today's time, I need to believe that a second chance can happen. It would be sad if second chances do not exist.


    1. I think they do! Thanks for dropping by, Kai! I hope you like Mia and Reid's story!

  2. Oh I like the twist on a familiar feud - it's always nice to see second chances happen and what people will do with them. I'm looking forward to reading this!

    thebigbluewall77 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. It's always fun to play with themes like second chances. Hope you enjoy Once Tasted!

  3. I am intrigued about what happened to the hero and heroine in high school.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

    1. I'd be spoiling it if I told you! Hope you enjoy the book! Thanks for dropping by, Maureen!

  4. Second chance stories are one of my favorites. I'm intrigued by the event that separated the main characters, too.

    Thanks for the post and giveaway.

    Jonettaallen77 at yahoo dot com

    1. Good luck, Jonetta! Hope you enjoy Once Tasted!

  5. Second chance books are great!

  6. Interesting blurb

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. First off - most excellent cover! I always enjoy a good cowboy and I like the second chance theme. This definitely has an intriguing premise. Consider it added to my TBR! Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

    ahui55 at gmail dot com

  8. I like second chance stories and this one sounds so good! I also love the title. LOL

    Marcy Shuler

  9. Great giveaway! Would love to read this book!

    lnichols2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com


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