Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Guide To Love

Congratulations to "Bn100", the winner in Christy's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Hi, romance lovers! My newest book, A Guide to Love, is due to be released 4-4-14 and will be available in ebook and paperback! I had so much fun writing this story. Please be sure to check out all my books! 

A Guide to Love Blurb:

The love ship sailed long ago for Daphne Pepper. Feisty native of Sand Crest Island, Daphne has everything she needs... or so she thought. Until she meets handsome Remy Rosetto who is on a mission to complete his grandfather’s request, so he can earn his inheritance.

Remy hires Daphne to be his tour guide for an unheard of amount of money. She is more than happy to take his cash then send him away, which is fine with Remy, who wants to get back to his penthouse in New York.

Daphne loves her island and will not even think of leaving her family and friends, but as Remy falls for this island beauty he has other plans.

Can they both find more than they ever wanted or are they too stubborn to compromise?

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Christy Newton is a hopeless romantic and writes many genres of romance. She just might be the only author out there that doesn’t drink caffeine, but dark chocolate is her must have. She falls in love with each of her heroes and hopes you will too! Christy is the author of the More Than Treasure Series, Love Again Collection and A Guide to Love. 

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I know ebooks are popular, but still, I love paperbacks and book marks. How about you?
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  1. I was given the opportunity to read and review this book. If you like island romance, this is a must read.

  2. So can't wait to read this book have loved everyone of Christy's book I am sure this will be amazing too she is an amazing writer. Love island romance. Super excited.
    Thanks Toni

  3. A Guide To Love sounds like a must read. With such an amazing setting it has to be wonderful.


    1. Thanks, Jo-Anne :) Out of all my books, I had the most fun writing that one!

  4. Sounds interesting; like paper and ebooks

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


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