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It’s golf, but not as we know it.

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It’s golf, but not as we know it.

Fairway To Heaven – Lily Malone

The last time I blogged at Just Contemporary Romance, I talked about the pieces of ourselves that authors put in their books and I said often, these pieces are not what readers might think.

My new book Fairway To Heaven released this week. It’s in first person point of view – which automatically makes it seem so much more personal. I don’t know what made me start writing in first person, except that Jenn’s story feels like such an individual journey of discovery… it just seemed right to start it with “I”.

The inspiration for Fairway is everywhere. I’m getting older, I’ve had two kids, and I know that sparks don’t always fly during sex, nor does the earth always move… (sorry hubby). It’s hard to get my bedroom groove on when I’m thinking about what to pack in the school lunchbox next day, or wondering if I paid the electricity bill.

That’s what ‘contemporary romance’ means to me. It means realistic. I guess you can go to paranormal if you like reading about vampires and angels and demons; or historical if it’s that genre that floats your boat.

One of my writing friends and Beta readers said Fairway was about: “one modern woman's quest to sort out the stuff that gets us down. The kind of read I think will resonate with so many women.”

I wanted to write a realistic contemporary romance, and a gritty, risky, gutsy one. Not necessarily a far-fetched, glossy, escapist one. If you’re looking for a glossy, exotic plot set in a famous city, filled with catwalk models and designer clothes… you won’t find it in Fairway. 

In Fairway To Heaven, my heroine, Jenn, is having problems regaining her sexuality after the birth of her son, the now fourteen-month-old and infinitely adorable, Sebastian. Her boyfriend (Golf Pro Jack) has run out of patience with Jenn’s problems and in the beginning of the book, Jenn discovers him giving one of his lady golf students a very up close and personal lesson in sand-play. (That’s Lily Malone-speak for ‘a bonk in a sand bunker’.)

Jenn’s sexual problems plague her throughout the book, and her story is as much about regaining her libido and mojo, as it is about carving a new life by the sea with the man she’s loved most of her life. 

Many reunion-style romances involve the heroine learning to trust her heart again… in Fairway, Jenn knows her heart, it’s her body she doesn’t trust.

And yes, Fairway To Heaven is about golf. Just not as you know it.

I have 3 e-copies of Fairway To Heaven to give away on Just Contemporary Romance. To enter, please tell me which sports star in the world would make the best romance hero?

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  1. So many athletes, but I have always liked Patrick Rafter, the tennis player. He is very sexy and a great father.

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