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Gina L. Maxwell and Katee Robert Answer Some Questions!

Gina interviewing Katee

GINA: Do you have an organized writing routine or is it more a "go with the flow" type of schedule?

KATEE: When I'm in drafting mode, I usually ship the kids off to school and settle down to write for the morning. From there, it depends. I hit total sleepy mode around 1pm, but if I'm in the mode, I'll keep going. Otherwise, afternoons are for non-writerly things.

GINA: We both have tattoo addictions. My favorite of yours is your Alice in Wonderland montage. How many do you have right now and which is your favorite?

KATEE: We totally are! And thank you! I have... technically six right now, but most of them are multi-faceted pieces. Right now, my favorite is actually a work-in-progress--my sleeves. When they're finished, they'll be completely fairy tale themed. It's my happy place.

GINA: Did you have someone in mind when you created the mega-sexy Ryan Flannery in In Bed with Mr. Wrong?

KATEE: Oh yes. To me, he's Henry Cavill. There's a crack in the beginning of the book about him looking like Superman that I added in edits after seeing Man of Steel. That dude is HOT. 

GINA: Did you have to do a lot of research about para-rescuers (the hero's occupation) or did you already have the basic knowledge needed?

KATEE: I actually didn't know they existed until my tattoo guy loaned me the first season of the show Surviving the Cut. I was astounded that there were these dudes who went through a boot camp that was just as intense as Rangers or Marines, and the fact that they saved people really resonated with me. So I picked up the National Geographic mini-series about the pararescuers (and a handful of books) and dug in. Those guys are ultimate badasses as far as I'm concerned. They go out there and save SEALS and Rangers and everyone else and they do it with such a "Yeah, I parachuted into a minefield during blackout conditions to save an IED victim... All in a day's work." It's amazing.

GINA: If you could have one night with any hero ever written, who would it be and why is he the one who makes your toes curl?

KATEE: Oh, whoa. I have to pick just one?! ;) Oh, I know! Daemon from Anne Bishop's The Black Jewels trilogy. His brother, Lucivar is probably my favorite hero to date, but I wouldn't survive a night with him LOL. Daemon probably wouldn't kill me, but he'd give me a memory that would both haunt and warm me for the rest of my life as long as I played nice. 

Katee Interviewing Gina

1. What's your favorite scene from FIGHTING IRISH?

Any scene Irish is in. What do you mean that’s not a valid answer? Okay, fine. If I have to choose, it would be the one that took me well over a week to write. It happens in a hotel room and is the most emotional scene between two characters I’ve ever written. My friends refer to as the “Epic [blank] [blank]” scene. I’d tell you what the “blanks” are, but that’d be a spoiler. ;)

2. So you have a history of seriously sexy heroes with Reid and Jax. What is it about Aiden that's going to steal readers' hearts?

He’s unlike any hero I’ve ever written. He’s gritty, blue-collar, and a fighter to his very marrow. But he’s also a complete gentleman, compassionate, and intuitive. When I was younger, I called this the Bo Brady effect. My mom was a devout Days of our Lives fan and I thought Bo was the perfect man. A tough guy in a leather jacket who knew how to throw down in a fight. But when it came to his woman, he was so tender and gentle and man enough to call her a ridiculous pet name (Fancy Face) without shame. Positively panty melting.

3. Okay, spill. I know we're not supposed to pick favorites, but is there any one of your heroes that's your favorite?

I know, it’s a bit like picking a favorite child. But I can say without a doubt, it’s Irish. He totally stole my heart in his story. Just don’t tell Reid or Jax I said that.

4. You've picked some really gorgeous men to model your heroes after (and they all seem so nice, too!)--do you already have one in mind for your next release?

I have the next couple picked out actually, which will round out the Fighting for Love series. Book 4, Jase Dean, was a request from several of my readers I was only too happy to oblige. And Book 5, I chose Jordie Caskey as the inspiration for Corey who was Jax’s friend in RoE. Jase will be character inspiration only (my resources don’t stretch to the UK), but I plan on doing a cover shoot with Jordie, who’s a total sweetheart.

5. And on that note, what's next for you and the Fighting for Love series? Anything else in the works?

Book 4 is tentatively called Sweet Victory and is Xander’s story. You’ll meet him in FFI. He’s playful, adorably arrogant, and a total lady’s man. Corey’s story will be the last in the series, as I mentioned, but then I’ll be writing a single-title series of 3 spin-off books. The idea is to keep the FfL world and the heroes MMA fighters, but fast-forward it a few years. So the readers will get to see all their favorite couples in married bliss and chasing toddlers as minor characters. Those won’t be releasing until sometime next year, but I’m excited about them.

New York Times bestselling author Katee Robert kicks off her new Out of Uniform series with IN BED WITH MR. WRONG, a hilarious enemies-to-lovers story you don’t want to miss. Air Force Pararescuer Ryan Flannery avoids his hometown at all costs, so he’s not thrilled when he’s set up on a blind date—until he meets mousy librarian Brianne Nave. Her sweet curves and kissable lips are a siren’s call, but her smart mouth? Not so much. How can two people have so little chemistry outside the bedroom when they fit together so perfectly in it? When Ryan and Bri are stranded in a cabin by their friends, they’ll be forced to find out…if they don’t kill each other first.
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Gina L. Maxwell comes out swinging with the latest installment of her New York Times bestselling Fighting for Love series, FIGHTING FOR IRISH. When he learns a friend’s sister has forty-eight hours to make good on an ex’s debt to a crime boss, former MMA fighter Aiden "Irish" O'Brien heads to Louisiana to offer himself up as collateral. But to satisfy the debt, he has to do the one thing he swore he’d never do again: fight. With more than just money on the line, can Irish reclaim the man he once was for the woman he can't live without?

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The dynamic duo took the NYT and USA TODAY lists by storm the last time they released together, so we can't wait to see what shenanigans they have in store for 2014!

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