Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Attainment?

Why Attainment?

I, like most of you, am an avid reader of mostly contemporary romance, new adult books, and some chick-lit. I am not a fan of very slow reads though. I like the story to move quickly, keep my interest, and make me want to not put it down. While this drives me crazy from lack of sleep the next day, it is a welcome buzz in feeling like I have actually lived the story. 

So, after years of reading two and three novels a week, I decided to pursue my interest in writing my own stories. I have jotted down ideas here and there over time; so when it was time to pick my debut novel storyline, I chose one that came directly from local headlines. See, I have three daughters, and reading about a date rape victim who decided to talk about her horrific life-changing story, in hopes of alerting other young girls, became the perfect starter. For those of you that haven’t read Attainment, be prepared for a shocking prologue. Or as others have termed it an ‘in your face’ beginning. Once the tragedy occurs, the rest of the story is totally fictitious on how this character may have lived her life – love, school, friends, family etc… in the weeks, months, years to come. You can read about love, lust, betrayal, and friendship. There is even a murder in the story. Overcoming this tragedy and finding true love yields to a challenging love triangle for Reese in the book Attainment. [And teaser…wait until you read more about Reese and the chain of events with those special guys in Atonement - now out!]

What have been some of your favorite basis for a good story? Do you have stories ripped from the headlines that would make for a great novel? I have many ideas for upcoming books that I can’t wait for you to read; but!! You can learn more by logging on to Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and GoodReads. Right now is a great time to join and win some nice giveaways during my blog tour for Attainment and special pricing events! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Tate had stopped pacing the room and stared cold in my direction.

        “I know what you’re thinking, but I never planned to drink around anyone but friends and then he showed up…You know me Tate…I don’t do that.” 

        “Wait Reese, I do know you, and I do know what I heard on my phone…He wants you back and he kissed you…Didn’t I have a right to kick his ass? I mean he had his chance to...Ugh, I can't take this anymore."

        Tate nearly leapt across the room smashing into me.

        “He had his chance Reese, now it’s mine.” He whispered breathlessly.

        With that he kissed me, hard, pushing my back against the wall. All of the frustration from that night and the last few days fueling his fire. I protested at first, then gave in to the sweet, desire of his kiss. His soft lips were pressing firmly against mine, then he deepened the kiss by separating my lips with his tongue, and slowly caressing my mouth and tongue. The kiss seemed to last for...forever. This beautiful man really wanted me. His hands started moving up my sides. Oh my God the passion in this kiss. I was just as eagerly moving my lips and tongue against his. I had completely submitted myself to this moment with him. Our breathing deep, and hard, and fast. Then the door swung open, and the moment was stopped a record.

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  1. J.H., Both books sound intriguing. Ideas can come from anywhere. A childhood nickname, a photograph, an incident where my husband and his brother saved a guy's life and a snippet on the news have all inspired books for me.

    1. Oh, those sound like great ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing! I recently presented at a middle school career fair as a local author. I encouraged each of the students (interested in reading and writing) to jot down ridiculously, crazy events in their life. Whether the incident occurred with a friend or with themselves, putting it forever in a notebook for future projects. Sometimes, the small 'are you kidding me' moments are quickly forgotten, but can make great stories


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