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Me in 140 characters or less.


Thanks so much for having me. There’s nothing like putting a new work out into the world – so I appreciate you taking the time to hear me talk about mine! I loved writing The Boss and Her Billionaire – my title in the Billionaire Bundle – and it’s so cool to have Dylan out there in the world again along with two other men of money in The Billionaire Bundle!

Me in 140 characters or less...
I’d like to think I’m like my characters: with sass, style and smarts. Love yoga, books, food, sun, girlfriends, my boys. Words are my drug.

A little about The Boss and Her Billionaire – my story in The Billionaire Bundle

Life is complicated and it’s too easy to forget our dreams when family, life and work get in the way. This is a book about following your dreams, for both characters. Michaela’s aspirations are focused around getting the dream job, having the perfect career trajectory, but along the way she finds that life without people in it is much harder work than she figured. For Dylan, his dreams of dancing (muscle rippling, sweat inducing, fabulous body making, dancing) have been on hold because of all the people in his life, his family and his brother specifically. 

In The Boss and Her Billionaire I wanted to bring two people from completely different worlds together, but in order for them to meet at all, Dylan being a workaholic, I needed him completely outside his comfort zone. I needed to get a man who hadn’t taken a holiday in years to stop a moment, and smell the palm trees. Solution? Cruise ship. It’s set in and around the Pacific Islands so there’s plenty of scope for a ‘holiday affair’ to spark into reality, the difficulty for both characters is negotiating the tensions of real life verses holiday life realities. Both of these characters are strong willed so it takes some good advice and butt kicking to get them to see sense but in the end their dreams win out. Oh and the chemistry is untamed, unstoppable, and wonderfully unprofessional.

I like to ‘cast’ my characters early on so I have a solid picture of them in my mind. So if I was casting the film of the book I think Maggie Gyllenhall would play Michaela, with a blond wig. She’s definitely got enough sass to pull it off, and can play strong and sultry as well as soft and hopeful. And for Dylan, I’d cast Channing Tatum (although he’d have to wear green contact lenses). He’s got a great bod, some real smarts and he really can dance. Defiantly one to sweep ladies of their feet – literally. 

The birth of this story
I was a guest writer on a Cruise ship in 2011. I know. Dream! I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but I had been doing a reading at an event and the CEO of a cruise ship company happened to be there. She asked if I’d be interested doing something similar. A free cruise? Count me in! Of course I said yes! It meant that my husband and I had a sort of hybrid cruise, having a full guest experience with a lovely stateroom and full access to the onshore tours etc, but also going backstage and into the staff offices and quarters of the ship. The Cruise Director was a man (there really are very few women in that role for some reason) and I never even met the Captain. But watching the dancers interact with guests and being involved with some of the onboard shows sparked something in my mind. I have also been a professional dancer so felt I definitely knew what my characters would be thinking and feeling. They burst almost fully formed onto my pages when I sat down to write them. Dylan takes a little while to see the light, but he’s my kind of hero—smart, generous and loyal. He just needed a bit of time to see that his priorities were off target. Michaela is like so many modern women that I know at the moment. She’s very focused, smart and driven, but is a little immobilised at times by the multitude of options that are available to her. Once she’d made up her mind though there’s no stopping her.

Three things Dylan – my billionaire - Would never have in his luggage.
A guidebook. He always knows where he’s going and has made sure he’s done the research before setting out.

Cigarettes. His brother is a smoker and he hates the way non-smokers wrinkle their noses when the faint waft of smoke enters the room.

A Star Trek pin. Sorry, Trekkie lovers. Dylan isn’t into anything sci-fi.

Dylan had a theme song – every billionaire’s gotta have a theme song don’t you think?
Mr. Scruff’s Get a move on. It’s got a good driving beat, makes you want to tap your toes, and well, get moving. It’s funky, with a little bit of acid jazz and a little bit of old school cool. Dylan would like to think it reflects his personality, in that he likes to be modern without being too commercial, but there is plenty that is old fashioned about him he can’t help playing a note or two of in his day to day life. And the lyrics are typical of Dylan’s need to keep moving, keep working, making sure that everyone he surrounds himself with is alright and not left behind.

The song itself is built around "Bird's Lament (In Memory of Charlie Parker)" by Moondog and  samples Shifty Henry's "Hyping Woman Blues" You can listen to it here 

My greatest creative influences
Everyday occurrences. That sounds a bit lame, but reading newspapers and magazines, shows just what amazing stuff there already is out there in the world. When I’m ‘in the zone’ gahh, sorry that’s sounds so lame, but when I’m in that place where my entire focus is on a project, everything around me becomes writing fodder. Snippets of people’s conversations, strange names from the phonebook, a story about a property developer that threw in his job so he could build a school for some Nepali kids. All gold. The world is an amazing, juicy, rich place. And even when it’s not, I enjoy reading about ordinary people, women with wobbly bits, or too small bits, or too big bits. So I like to write about them too.

A tiny excerpt:
“In,” he commanded as he lowered her, then pointed to the shower. She meekly let him push her under the water.

When the water from the shower hit her body, Dylan groaned. “Not bad, Cruise Director.”

Michaela looked down to see the curls of her sex and the thrust of her nipples outlined beneath the translucent white lace, but her nipples were suddenly released as Dylan pulled the cups of the useless wet bra down and greedily sucked at each breast in turn. “Please,” she whimpered, and he chuckled low in his throat. His tongue twisted around her nipple. Oh!

No. Wait. She needed more control. The hot water, the steam, his wet hair under her fingers—it was too perfect for safety. Too close to the fantasy that had played out in her mind only yesterday.

About me – and do get in touch – I love to hear from readers! 
Michele was born in the mid 1970’s amid a burgeoning sprawl of vineyards and new retirement homes. With two teachers as parents, her love of reading and books was cemented at an early age. Being a writer however, was not was she was supposed to do when she ‘grew up’. Despite training in law (or perhaps because of it) she has been a dancer, producer, writer, and all round arty type in various countries for most of her life. 

Moving into writing full time in 2010 was like being a part of a contemporary romance – perfect! Creating new worlds for her characters, or rather letting those same characters show her their worlds is now a highlight of Michele’s daily life. And falling in love over and over as each hero and heroine allow their true feelings to surface is something very special. What a treat to do it every day! Now back home in New Zealand after travelling extensively, Michele writes from an office where the sound of the tapping keyboard is only rivalled by the whisper of wind in the trees. 

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